Monday, February 25, 2013

Greenwich P99 Budget Meal

What would you expect from fast foods' budget meals? Cheap but it can't satisfy your hunger? Yes, because that's what your money can afford. 

One fine day, I was at the mall to buy some stuff, I decided to eat at Greenwich since it was lunch time already. I hate eating at the malls or anywhere outside work or home alone but I was really hungry I felt I'd collapse if I didn't eat. So I went to Greenwich because we rarely eat there (my husband is a McDonald's, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, KFC, and Chicboy kind of man) and he does not eat pizza (sometimes I would argue with him because I don't get what is it that he does not like with pizza). I was about to order anything with a slice of pizza but I changed my mind when I saw this ninety nine peso budget meal (it comes with a drink):

Carbo overload! For me it's so sulit. Have I mentioned before that I was a member of the Tropang Extra Rice Girls Division? I used to eat like a construction worker, and I must say that this meal is so good. The gravy and the chicken is excellent and the spaghetti is not that bad. So, if you're hungry and you only have a hundred bucks, this is it, may sukli ka pang piso!

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