Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Blog Of 200 Crappy Words

Because I feel the need to write something before the day ends. My weekend, as usual, was not as productive as I wanted it to be and a few hours from now the weekend is over. I must write something.

This week I discovered Mark Manson, the author of a book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck (excuse my word). I was just randomly browsing the net and this came, and the last thing I knew, I was reading his blog. I loved it. I think I love the man. No, I love the man. Not in a romantic kind of way, silly! I mean I love his writings. And it’s from his blog I got the idea of writing anything with two hundred words.

It suggested to write two hundred crappy words everyday, to get better in writing. I don’t think I can do that, but I will try, okay?! I have always dreamed of writing for a living, and I know I still have the chance to do that if I really devote some serious time doing it, but the problem is I have been procrastinating.

So here I am, writing something I’m sure will bore anyone who happens to reach this paragraph. I know you are bored already. I’m bored already. I can’t sleep yet because I don’t feel sleepy yet. And I don’t want to sleep just yet because I don’t want the weekend to end just yet.

There you go. This is more than two hundred words already. I’m giving myself a chocolate candy for the effort.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Reflections: Tell People How You Feel About Them While They're Still Alive

I just greeted an old friend in Facebook a happy birthday. As I browsed the birthdays celebrants' page of this billion dollar app in my phone, I saw another old friend celebrated her birthday a day before. Except she was not celebrating because she's dead.

She was my first best friend in high school. Her name is Ria. It was way back in 1993, my first day in high school was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. New faces, new school. I was nervous and anxious, extremely shy and totally awkward. Yet this petite girl with a friendly smile spoke to me and asked for my name. She was my first friend in high school.

She was bubbly and happy. Although she was not quite like one of the typical girls I had made friends with, we were more of the opposite personalities, but we became friends in an instant. She was easy to get along with. She was the friendliest girl I had ever met.

Like I said, she was my opposite of personality. She was extroverted, so she made a lot of friends easily. She lost her mother at a young age, and have two younger siblings. The first time I cut classes in high school, we went to her house and played some board game and did some other things girls our age do when together in a house when the parents were not around. I can still remember her happy face that time.

A couple of months later then, she spent little times with me. She had made friends with the other girls in class, the more "outgoing and loud" kind of girls. One time, it was during our school's foundation day, she called me out along the corridor and greeted me with a loud "Hi Claire!" beaming with a big smile in that sweaty pinkish face. She was drunk. She admitted that she and her friends had a few shot in someone's place. Another time, in our PE activity where we had to present a dance presentation, the class was divided into several groups. My group presented a folk dance. Ria's group presented a debutante's kind of dance where they rented a formal gown. After their presentation, she told us that all of them girls agreed not to wear a bra in those gowns. She really seemed to enjoy all those crazy things she'd been doing. But then, she was a kind girl.

I never saw her again in our second year in high school. I didn't know what happened to her. But I missed her. She was adventurous yet kind, bold but caring. 

In 2011, I got a message from her in Facebook. She asked if we could meet together with my other two best friends in high school. But it never happened. Until one day I heard she died. I'll never see her again, and there's no way I can tell her that she was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I never got the chance to thank her for the happy high school experiences we have shared.

To Ria Lou, wherever you are, I never got the chance to tell you this, but you are an amazing person. Thank you for becoming a part of my life. Thank you...


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sneak A Post

This after-lunch break time of my working day is my least favorite time of my working day. I feel sleepy and crappy and it makes me not only feeling unproductive but truthfully unproductive. I need coffee. But I already have a cup early this morning and a second cup is not in my healthy diet plan (like I have one). I have been drinking a cup of warm water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning and I'm seeing good results, but a second cup of coffee in a day might ruin it (I think I have already said it, or wrote it).

So, I'm sneaking a blog post in the middle of a working day. It's a Tuesday. Monday is manic and Tuesday is...(please feel free to insert anything)

At this moment, my spirit is relatively low. I just tried to find inspirations from browsing through my blog roll but it seems like my mind is incapable of absorbing anything. I need to stop thinking about my thoughts. I think I just need to get this day (or better this week) and a lot of things done so I can go back to my goals on focusing on self improvement and improve the overall areas of my life.

 And oh...I'm missing (someone) something...which makes everything a little hard at this moment.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Melo-Dramatic Mid-Week

Just counting the days before a friend/co-worker’s last day at work. She would be moving to another employer soon and we’re just counting the days she’ll be working with us. It was really nice having here around. Before she came, the working environment was a bit boring. I’m sad that she’s leaving. I’m sad that people who taught me things about life and work are slowly leaving me, one by one. But, well, there’s Facebook. But it would still be different.

The grass is always greener on the other side. I hope to move over there where the fences are whiter  (and looks always newly painted) and higher. I hope to move to a better place where my presence and work is appreciated. I hope to work with people who wants me to learn more, and accomplish more, and happy to see me improve and reach my potential. I hope to work with people with whom I share the same values of valuing other people and help me be successful in every aspect of my life. And I, am willing to contribute all I can, to also help others achieve their goals. But where is this place?

It’s been more than ten years. I thought this was where I want to work until my retirement days, but things have changed, and some (or should I say most) people have grown worse.  

You – you who thought that you were the most intelligent form of human being ever walked on earth! I’m being harsh but that’s what I think about you, and I know what I think about you does not matter to you so I will think of the worst about you anyway, my right, right? And I believe that that’s the real you until you prove me wrong.  I compare you to the Dementors at the Azkaban prison. You suck all the positive of me, but I’m glad that I have become powerful to fight you with my patronus charm. Never again you would make me feel worst about myself by the way you treat me. Never!!

You –  son of a gun, I don’t know what to call you. Where is your education? You speak about people and things that don’t reflect professionalism that the janitors seem to have better manners than you. You are not an example of a leader that I wish I could invite you to come and sit in my Executive Training class in my MBA school so you would realize that you are far from a good leader and I’m happy to recommend you books that would enlighten your mind. Please don’t treat people in the lowest level of the company as robots. They are human beings sacrificing time and energy to earn money for their family, like you! But where is your heart? And I bet your balls are not in the right places.

Them – I don’t know what to say but I wish they just treat everyone fair. I mean EVERYONE. Every life in this company that works for them. I wish them to be FAIR. If they can treat other people right, if they give some proper credits, if they appreciate some for their efforts and hard work, why not do it to EVERYONE! Stop playing favorites.

I don’t want to lose hope but it seems like I’m being a fool to myself.  It’s like convincing my eyes that what I’m seeing are all lies and being blinded by assumptions.  I have been teaching myself to be that positive kind of person that I always dreamed to be,  and recently I have been doing a good job. But this situation is kind of becoming difficult. Little by little, I feel like losing my grip. I feel so left behind. I feel stuck, I feel unappreciated and I don’t want to ever go back to that feeling of uselessness again. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ano ang Meron sa Miniso

Ilang araw na lang papasok na ang Ber months, eto mabigat pa rin ang puso ko! Charot! Pero bago ko isipin ang ber months, let’s stay in August. August pa naman! So, ang ganap – na curious ako sa Miniso. Nakikita ko lang to sa mga blogs, sa mga make up bloggers in particular, at nagkataon naman na may Miniso na dito sa SM Masinag. Kakabukas lang nito mga bes kaya sariwang sariwa pa ang tindahan! Mabango pa at amoy bago ang lahat!

Pag kita ko palang ng entrance nakyutan na ako. Well lighted ang store looking from the outside. Sana lang LED lights ang gamit nila para environment friendly. Napa isip din ako, hmmm..mukhang Japan 88 at Daiso ang kamag anak nito. So hindi na ako nag atubili. Pinasok ko ang tindahan to satisfy my curiosity.

First impressions – cuteness overload! Bakit nga ba everything about Japan is cute? Hindi ko ma explain pero habang nag iikot ikot ako sa loob, halos maduling ang mata ko hindi alam kung saan una titingin. Ang gaganda ng mga anek anek dito. Ang sarap hawakan at damahin lahat! Napaka ganda talaga ng Japanese art. Simple pero....rock?! :)

Kapag alam mong made in Japan, magdududa ka ba sa quality? Sympre hindi. Japan eh! Sinampolan kong tingnan ang isa sa mga bagay sa loob at kahit hirap ang mata ko na basahin yung maliliit na sulat tiningnan ko talaga kung made in Japan. Oo made in Japan nga daw nakalagay. Wala lang, baka kasi may naligaw na made in China. Hindi sa sinasabi ko na panget mga made in China ha, wala ko sinabi na ganyan, ang sinasabi ko lang basta made in Japan, Japanese, pag made in China – eh di------ Chinese!! Hahaha!

So nag ikot pa ko sa store, kahit wala naman talagang planong bumili. Making sure na lahat ng kanto at aisles madadaanan ko. Halos lahat cute at maganda. Ang pinaka mura ay tag 99 pesos, not bad ha! Mag eenjoy ang buong pamilya mag ikot ikot (at sympre bumili din kayo ha) dito kasi may pambata like toys, tuwang tuwa ako dun sa Minions na stuffed toys, may pang mothers like kitchen chenez, may para kay Daddy na mga tools ekeks, at make ups at pampa beauty na magugustuhan ni ate! Teka, may mga items din para sa mga techie!

Osha! Di ko na  masyadong hahabaan at dadamihan ng pictures tong post nato. Baka maumay kayo, wala naman kwenta, wala din naman akong readers, hihihi!

Though super ganda ng things from Japan, wag parin kalimutan na tangkilikin ang sariling atin! Cheers!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Long Weekends and My Dirty Shoes

I’m blogging from home and I’m so happy! This is awesome! Two consecutive long weekends is something employees like me really need – even if it’s just a staycation. I don’t have a lot of things to do besides my usual plan to finish watching those Korean dramas and some studying/reading, but the fact that I could spend a lot of lazy time looks really appealing.

The other day on my way to work, I noticed that my shoes was dirty. It’s made of fabric and I would not want to wash it by scrubbing with soap and water because it’s one of those cheap from the mall and if I try to clean them it might shorten its life. So I wear them dirty. And I don’t want to buy new shoes yet.

I have read somewhere that people judge you by your shoes. I did not give it much thought until this time, when that shoes of mine got distractingly dirty. It’s gray and been using it since February when my cousin paid it for me when she was on vacation from Dubai. It’s one of my most comfortable shoes so I wear often and it has endured the sun, rain, the spits, dog poops in the streets, and my heavy heart since then. Tough shoes, right?! No signs of breaking down, except for those dirt.

that shoes!
I walk a lot. Every day to work, I walk for around ten minutes to the transportation terminals, depending on my speed. Sometimes during lunch breaks at work, I’d go to the markets (both public and super) to buy groceries and fresh fruits, walking under the midday sun. Imagine the dirt my shoes has collected all this time?

I wear shoes to protect my feet. I assume that’s also the reason why most wear shoes. And the ground where it touches all the time is not the cleanest space on earth.  Maybe some people wear shoes for other reason besides protecting their feet, and if they get both benefit that would be awesome. I am not obsessed with shoes. I can live with one pair of shoes in my lifetime but since life does not go that way, and people, especially women, having only one pair of shoes for all my life’s event does not sound ---- what, normal?!

So what am I talking here?! It’s just to let people know that it’s not fair to judge me if they see me wearing dirty shoes. I keep my feet clean, and the inner parts of the shoes, I wear socks when needed, and promise my feet are not perfect but nice, and they don’t stink! My mind may be dirty some times but I have a clean heart and I have nothing but good intentions and faith in humanity. I promise!

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