Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Some Helpful Tips If You're Visiting Cagbalete Island

I'm still not over Cagbalete Island kahit summer is sooo over! You can't blame me, I fell in love with the place :) I wrote about it HERE

Photo by Joane Macay
Okay, I'm not a traveler but here's a few tips you might find useful,  I will skip the tips that you have already found in other reviews (I advise you read other reviews first for the basics), so let's get down to business:

1. Some resorts like the one we chose, Villa Pilarosa takes another ten to fifteen minutes boat ride from the Sabang Port, so if you are a big group it is better to rent a private boat that will take you directly to your chosen resort. Or contact your resort personnel if they can arrange a boat to take you directly to your destination, this was our option. We paid P 500 sundo, hatid (back and forth) to Sabang.

2. If you are going via public boat, be early because the schedule may change once the boat gets full, specially during peak season. Yes, aalis po agad ang bangka at for sure ayaw mo maiwan!  You need to pay an environmental fee of P 50 before going aboard (see the photo below) After paying head straight to the waiting area near the dock because nobody will call on you when the boat arrives, (first come first served basis) just like what happened to us. We were sitting pretty on the chairs in front of this Ticketing Office, it was just our instincts that told us we should wait over there and not wait here. Again, in the photo below, you will pay P 50 here for the environmental fee, then at the boat during the ride you will pay the fare (P 75 during our time)

3.  Make sure that you wear your most comfortable anti-slip footwear, and girls avoid wearing short skirts for this,  because there is no dock in Sabang Port, and so be ready with your strong feet and legs. This was the challenging part in transferring from the public boat to the smaller boat :
Please look at the photo above. At first I thought that that bamboo platfrom was just for anything engineering related purpose, but when we reached the island, we used this as an exit to transfer from one boat to another, or so to speak, this is the dock :) On the upper left side of the photo, see the group of people in a small boat beside the bigger one?

3. It is advisable to bring your own food. There's a public market near Mauban Port. If the resort allows, they can cook the food for you. This was what we did in Villa Pilarosa. We asked a kind staff to cook our food during our stay. We bought fresh squid, pork, and the ingredients, bread, and rice of course for the whole time we stayed. We were charged P 250 for that and the cook was good. Not bad na :). But still if buying at the market is not convenient to you, you can always ask the resort if there's anything they can provide. Never hesitate to ask, and make arrangements, after all, you are their valued customer :)

4. Bring insect repellents because there are a lot of crawling little friends specially at night. We rented an open room so we experienced having these little creatures as room mates so better be careful.

5. Villa Pilarosa is a nice resort. The owner is kind and over all our experience was great. I recommend you choose this resort.

That's it! Very few tips. Thank you for reading! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Quest For A Flawless Fez Is Over!

Hindi dahil natagpuan ko na ang holy grail na nagpakinis sa mukha ko. No! Kung hindi suko nako! Suko na ko sa pangarap kong magka roon ng makinis na fez! Blame it all on my genes, wala talaga, hindi tayo nabiyayaan ng makinis na mukha!

Bakit ganun, sinabon ko naman, pero ayaw kuminis....(sabay walling na madrama)....

I quit. Nasubukan kona lahat ng pwede kong subukan, syempwe yung afford lang ng wallet ko pero ganun pa rin talaga. May pimples kahit matanda na, malalim mata kahit hindi puyat, may blackheads at white heads, red heads, blonde at brunettes andito lahat sila nagsanib pwersa ala Justice League sa mukha ko pinagkaisahan ako!

Ayoko na, tao lang ako napapagod din.... (walling na madrama ulit)....

So I quit...buti na lang uso na ang mga app na makakapag pakinis ng mukha ko sa pictures...

O diba??? :D
O diba? Char, ang laki ng problema ko? Hihihi! Hashtag first world problems. Change is coming!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

How To Eat Mangosteen For The First Time

Hey ya! This is not a tutorial. My apologies if the title is misleading. This post kasi ay tungkol sa mangosteen fruit na sa tanang buhay ko ngayon ko lang natikman.

One day, tanghaling tapat, may nakita akong manong na nagtitinda ng fruits. Napukaw ng mangosteen ang atensyon ko at dun ko na realize, hindi pa pala ako nakakatikim nun. Bukod sa sinasabing bonggang health benefits, na curious ako sa tangkay nya na may flowery design:

From My Instagram account
Ang ganda nya! Kulay violet, yung kulay na hate na hate ko noon pero natutunan ko na ring mahalin sa paglipas ng panahon. Tapos yung tangkay nya ang cute parang nagsasabing "reyna ako!" Pak ganern!

So nag google ako about mangosteen, sumakit ulo ko ang daming eklaver, tinigilan ko na. Kung paano sya kainin, simple lang, isusubo lang sa bibig. Kung may special technique ang pagkain nito hindi ko na inalam. Magandang doon na mismo habang kinakain ko ang pagtuklas. Parang discovery ek ek lang!

Photo above: ganyan ang hitsura ng laman. Bet ko yung color contrast ng white at maroon, ang artistic ng combination parang uniform ko noong high school (char, what do I know about art?) Pinsan ata sya ng santol, malaki ang resemblance nila pero nung kinain ko na softer ang laman nya, smaller at mas malambot din ang buto. Maugat din sya, siguro kung may prutas version ang balot, eto na yon....

Medyo mapait yung balat (yes tinikman ko)! At kung pipili ako between santol and mangosteen? Wala eh, pareho ko silang gusto. Magkaiba sila kahit magka mukha. Yung santol kasi challenging kainin. Yung pag naubos mo yung isang buo parang "achievement unlocked" ang feeling mo. Eto naman si Mang Gustin parang at home na at home ang feeling pag nasa bibig mo.

At yes, uulitin ko, sa tanda kong ito ngayon lang ako nakakain ng mangosteen! 


Monday, August 22, 2016

Kape Issues

Monday, first things first. Kape.

Kape ni Clara. Sweet and strong.

Dear kape, I have issues with you. Hanggang ngayon di ko ma perfect ang timpla sayo. Ilang years na tayo, 36 na. Given na yung first years sablay talaga, pero ngayon 36 na. Hindi pa rin kita ma master. Minsan ang saya, most of the time sablay.

Minsan matapang ka, kayang kaya mo akong ipaglaban. Parang lahat susuungin mo para sakin. Pero minsan lang iyon, Ngayon parang its been ages since naging matapang ka para sakin.

Most of the time malamya. Parang walang buhay. Yung parang routine na lang ang bawat araw. Walang inspiration. Magkakape na lang, mechanically. Dahil kailangan.

Minsan sweet. Okay lang kahit di ka laging sweet. Magka diabetes pako. Okay lang yung sakto lang, Hindi ka Coke pero okay lang sakin talaga kung sakto ka lang.

Pag ayaw ko magtimpla bibili na lang ako ng 3in1. Pero hindi dapat laging ganun. Wala kasing challenge. Mas maganda pa rin talaga yung pinag eefortan. Diba?

Ganyan ang life eh! Parang kape. Kape lang ng kape hanggat may makakape!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pahiyas Festival 2016

This 2016, one of my most treasured experience of my life is my very first festival, and it happened to be Pahiyas at Lucban, Quezon. This is one festival that I really loved to experience because I've seen it only in pictures and television, and it's so colorful and looking really attractive.

Pahiyas Festival is celebrated in honor of Catholic patron saint San Isidro Labrador, the saint of the farmers, and supposedly to give thanks and supplication for a wealthy harvest. I remember when I was young, my friend's grandmother will have this yearly novena every month of May in our neighborhood that went on for seven days, then we would have a feast or a simple gathering on the last day. I was one assigned to read one booklet of a novena and the prayer would last for about an hour or so. This novena was also for the same patron saint.

I was just too delighted to experience it this year. Scroll down the photos below:

The festival happens every 15th of May. A friend in the office happens to be from the same town so we stayed at her aunts house, we arrived there the 14th afternoon and went exploring a little before dark.

Some homes are still half-way decorated but we have already seen how colorful and creative their decorations were.The festive mood was all in the air, the surrounding was so alive, everyone all smiles despite busy preparing. I wish I own a house near somewhere here. The night before the festival it rained, and you know what most people believes when it rains on a special occasion? Blessing. Yes indeed!

From simple to elaborate, I felt that each home has put not just an effort but their hearts to every touch of decoration they created. The color and details were warm to the eyes, and shouting hospitality and friendliness.

The sun was a little high when we started going street by street. There were about six hundred homes (each participating house has a number, and the highest we have mentally noted was near 600) joined the contest that have said to have a price of P100,000 for the grand prize. We even saw some of the judges roaming around at the same time.

Some homes have fully devoted time and effort, and surely even money to decorate the entire house up to the highest floor. I bet maybe the roof was also decorated, lol!

Some decorations were designed so tourists can have the best photo background. My picture above has this beauty queen gown made of native materials where you can use the crown to have that "Miss Pahiyas" feel :). Really cute, this was one of my favorites.

The homes were all so lovely you have to take turns and give way with other tourist when taking pictures, You would not want to pass a house and not take a photo of your best smile in front of it. 

They use real vegetables here, and it is said that they are given free the day after the festival. Not so bad, you get a lot of free vegetables, and eat healthy too!

The heat of May sun cannot stop tourist from having their pictures taken in front of each beautifully decorated homes. It only happens once a year, and it seemed like the people of Lucban never run out of creative ideas each festival year.

I apologize that I cannot mention any affordable places to stay in Lucban because we stayed at a friend's for free. But I guarantee you the experience in this festival is priceless. After all, it has been celebrated for many years. You would not want to miss it.

Until our next Pahiyas adventure, hope you enjoyed this post!!!! :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Poke Go or No?

Shuu!! Sorry sa cheesy na title. Yan lang ang kinaya ko at the moment. Hi Me, Myself and I, my loyal and faithful readers forever!! :D

I just read from Yahoo that Pokemon Go (or at least the developer) already earned 200M$ since the week of its launched. Ay bongga! Yayamanin na sila! Pero ganun pa man, hindi pa rin ako nahikayat mag download ng game. Why o why? Bukod sa hindi ko lang trip makiuso, feeling ko this game is not for me. Yes, pak ganern lang ang peg ko!

Well feeling ko din kasi hindi ako makaka level up sa game since bahay at trabaho lang lagi ang ruta ko, bihira ko lang talaga ilabas ang aking kagandahan, At kung nasa labas man ako hindi ko nilalalabas ang gadget ko kahit mumurahin lang to.

Atchaka hindi talaga ako masyadong mahilig sa games. Isang internet based game lang talaga kinahiligan ko at nilalaro ko for about 1 year na din. Uu, Clash of Clans, na adik ako dito, though di na ako masyado adik ngayon, naglalaro pa rin ako. Nag Candy Crush ako dati pero Level 35 lang ang pinaka mataaas na na reach ko, nainis ako kaya tiniglan ko.

Anyways, please take a look at my COC base:

Yes, that's me, Beautiful Chaos is the name! Medyo mabagal ang progress ko but I still play it lalo na pag gusto ko pumatay ng maraming oras.

So poke go, or no? Maybe not now! :)

Happy Monday! :)
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