Friday, March 10, 2017

The Island That Is Boracay

Hey guys! I'm back! But this post has been long overdue. It was when the rest of the world was decking the halls with bells and folly, I went to Boracay with my beach body, I mean buddies! :)

It's never too late for post about a beach get-away that was spent in December because, you can feel it, summer has just began (at least in my part of the earth!) :) This was a nine-month vacation in the making because the ticket was purchased in March 2016 (if you really want to spend less money for a two-way air fare, you need to be patient for those airline promos, wink!) just like what we did. A vacation that was very cheap even a minimum wage earning woman can afford.

Meet the gang! Four lovely ladies who spends time together a lot (that's because we work in the same company and we have no other choice! No, they're awesome and we're fabulous! And boy do I need to tell where is that island when I know for sure Boracay is just one of the most sought-after beach in the Philippines? Anyway, from left to right: Me, Cel, Joanne, and Joy at the shores with the sands at our feet, the wind blowing our hair and the perfect water summoning us with its mighty powers. Oh that was a really lovely day!

Landed destination safe and sound
Did I mention it was my first time to fly? And I had the privilege (which I did not enjoy) to get the window seat. I said I was fine at the aisle, I said it was fine if hips of strangers keep bumping on my arms (and worse face) because I have fear of heights. I could not look down when I'm at a higher locations. I could not! But then, my seatmate insisted. So I ended up seating by the window despite my diplomatic protest. How was it. Oh it was fine! I was fine when the plane shook during its take-off and landing. But it was when I saw how the earth looked down from up there scared me. I almost cried. I felt so little, so insignificant to the vastness of the universe and the mysteries that goes with it. Okay, I'm overreacting!

 When I looked at the window and stared at this beautiful clouds, it was only then I understood why some people dreamed to fly. That feeling I could not form into words. That same feeling when Harry Potter soaring with his Firebolt escaping the dragon in the Tri-Wizard tournament? Almost. Well, I can fly again but not the window seat next time! :)

After around three (or four) hours of travel both land and air from Manila to Aklan, we reached Boracay mid-afternoon and the beach was crowded. It was a Sunday, the weather was perfect, and the place was awesome so our minds did not entertain anything that our bodies said tired. We changed into our sexiest (yeah!) clothes and hit the beach right away. FYI, it was a challenge shopping for summer clothes in the months where people were busy shopping for gifts, so excuse our OOTD's if that's the sexiest we can get! (Laughing out loud and winking out hard!)

I love the beach. I dream of owning a house just right next to the shores. I love waking to the sounds of the waves in the morning and the same gentle sound would rock me to sleep at night. I love the salty winds messing my hair along with the trees swaying to its rhythm. I would walk on the shores with the sands massaging the soles of my feet while collecting beautiful sea shells I could find. And in the afternoon, I would sit under a tree staring at the sunset contemplating about life (even the life after this life) and our reason for existence. Oh the dream life! :)

So how was the trip? I had a blast! Definitely a must see place you would never go back home grouchy! I intended (or tried whichever word works best) this post to be a bit of a how-to-travel-to-boracay-with-a-little-money-post but with my noisy thoughts, look how this has turned out? I'm sorry, I know I cannot do that travel blogging by now. I'm a lousy travel blogger! I can't even remember the name of that house we stayed where we had an awful experience. But anyway, I hope to blog another awesome vacation next time and will try to make it more information-loaded and helpful next time. I'm sure there's plenty of blogs out there that could help you if you have plans of visiting the island.  

Until next time. I love you for reading. Let me know what you think, please, please, please! :)

Thank you Ate Pretty Yzet Macay for the permission to use her photos.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Of Valentines And Hugot Lines

February 14 is half a month ago, but I can still feel the spirit of the "love month" lingering around. Blame businesses, we were all caught up and sometimes, escape is hard.

I'm never one among the crowd, but you can't help not miss out the fun. Social media has played a major influence on everything getting to caught up on what is love has to do with our lives. I guess it really makes the world go round and round. 

A couple of days before the 14th, while watching the news that said broken heartedness is bad for the health, I asked my husband how life was like for him after his break up with his ex. He was very young then, and years before he met me. His answer made me think very deep, he said that it was like living without your arms and legs. Ugh! Amputated?! 

Which makes me realize how those hugot lines makes everyone can relate to, and for those like me, entertained and amazed by the emotions the statement brings.

Let's define "hugot" shall we? It is a Filipino word meaning "to pull, or to draw out". Hugot lines means a statement that came from a very deep emotion, most commonly a very painful romantic experience. (For my non-Filipino readers, like I have any, hahaha)

I'll see if I can come up with my own original hugot lines!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blog It 52 - 2 My 2017 Reading List

In my early years in college, I developed love for reading fiction in English. It was in high school when I started to read Tagalog romance novels we used to rent for five pesos during weekends. By accident I had read one Nancy Drew The Ghost in the Blackwood Hall (hep, I did not google, this is just based on my memory, is this right?)  book, and that's where it all began.

Back then, I had no one to borrow books from. I did not have any friends who read a lot and owned many books so I had to content myself with borrowing books from the library and read them if there were long weekends. During those times when internet was not yet popular, I had limited choices of books to read.  I told myself when I graduate and found a job, I would buy myself books and read everything I ever wanted.

But that did not happen. Books were expensive, my salary was small, and I only contented myself with what I could afford,  so was my love for reading had started to die ( or rather ignored it). But now I'm glad there's internet - thank God for this wonder! I don't need to list down what it can do to a book lover, do I? :) And jeez, ebooks are fantastic! I can read while waiting for my turn at the supermarket counters!

Anyway, I cannot make a list of what to read for 2017 but I do have plans of reading more than I did in the past years. I have my phone, an ebook reader app and some few ebooks that are still waiting to be opened. I still have some paperbacks at home collecting dusts and just waiting for me to touch them! All I needed to do is to just find some time, lol!

My goals is to read three books in a month. Yes, only three because I'm a slow reader and still learning how to read fast. My job, some personal stuff, and social life (like I have one!) and the need for more sleep steal some of my reading time. I will try to make a list of those I have finished reading, and published it here, If the stars will align in my favor, I would even make a review, lol!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Blog It 52 - 1 New Year Resolution, Projects or Goals

Getting the idea from March to December's Blog-It 52  where I am taking the challenge to post one entry a week (keeping my fingers crossed). I think this is a really good one for me who, most of the time, don't know what to write.

For the first week of the year, I am supposed to make a post about new year resolution, project or goal. I'm not the type who makes new year's resolutions because I find it very hard to discipline myself, so I guess that should be my resolution. Discipline myself. And, uhm don't procrastinate, lol!

As for projects, I cannot think of any. I am not a crafty person and the only project I have been keeping is this blog that even until now has not improved yet, lol! 

As for goals, late last year I have been thinking of taking up MBA. I realized I needed something to boost my self-confidence career wise. I can say that as of now, I am eighty percent decided to enroll and finish master's degree. I hope I'd be able to keep myself motivated. 

I have also been reading a lot of articles about self-improvement. I know there's so much in myself to improve so I'm taking little steps at a time, and I can feel some progress and it makes me more motivated to help myself to become a better me.

I hope that at the end of 2017, I'd be able to be proud that I have accomplished these goals. Good luck to me! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Closing Time

This year, I turned thirty six. Okay, this is probably a stupid way to begin my last post for the year since aging one year in a year is obvious. Okay, I need to work harder to improve my writing/blogging, and that is, coming up with a very nice title should be included. You see I borrowed that Semisonic song for my year end post title. Yep, a little too early for a year end post but that's because December is a busy month and I don't get a lot of internet access at home because I blog at work (this should be a secret, hush) and I'm just too lazy to blog this month but I need to give myself some credit for the effort! (Nice self)

"Every  new beginning comes from some other beginning's end". 

Am I the only one who gets a little over dramatic with each ending to beginning a new revolution of the earth around the sun? I hope not. I hope it is perfectly normal. This is just the perfect time to assess the past three hundred and sixty five point twenty five days to make the next year better. The past year's events, the outcome of the plans and decisions are a good basis for creating new ones. But then, again, life is full of surprises!

So what do I post now? What was my 2016 like? I won't say I had the best year of my life because it was not a really good year to me but I'm grateful and thankful for everything that I had gone through. It made me a better woman that I was in 2015. This year has been a little difficult in some aspect of my life. I had once again experienced emotionally hitting the bottom without anyone knowing about it. This year dreams were still elusive and.

I did not have any courage to share the burden with anyone for the fear of being judged

and seeking for help was not something I has mastered to do. This year, I had been afraid. This year, I thought I'd played safe.

But despite the not so good year, I am thankful and grateful. Those moments where I felt so utterly alone had me realized I am stronger than I thought I was. Those times when I felt myself lacking in what everything seemed like could make my life complete, I learned sympathy, empathy, and gratitude. Those moments when I had separated myself from people whom I thought cared for me, I sought God without questioning and bargaining. I realized I could not change a lot of things, but to look at things in a better perspective.

I had been less religious but I still feel a deep desire to get a much deeper relationship with God, and I believed that did not need a religion. This year, I felt a sense of freedom from what the path that the world has expected me to tread, by learning from other women's experiences through their online journal where they selflessly shared their struggles.

Dear Lord, I thank You for the gift of life, for the loving people You blessed me with and these experiences that taught me to always believe and have faith in You, and to trust myself that I can do so much better with the life You gave me by always seeking for Your guidance.

As of this writing, I don't have any concrete plans for the next year yet. I am good at planning but bad at the execution part. By the time this post get published, I'm probably lying in my bed catching up with my reading back logs.

I guess I have said enough, and please bear with me while I use this picture of myself below because I'm wearing my favorite worn out shirt. Hahaha! Happy Holidays!

Xoxo - Claire

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 Is Almost Over, What Have I Done?

Feeling that old little feeling when people starts counting down for Christmas? I know right. But for couple of days now, I feel like "  a hell, what have I done with the past ten months?" this loud voice screaming in my head.

Despite my very best efforts to do the best I can and not procrastinate, I failed. Self, sorry, once again I failed you, and I'm so ashamed. I had all the energy at the start, but eventually it fades. Circumstances, challenges, and problems small, medium, and almost large kept crawling in and in an instant, my focus was gone.

I promised myself to read more to and write more so my English and writing would improve,but I miserably failed. I'm stalking a lot of blogs, read their every post, and envy the way they write. I get inspired but still, I don't think I have improved that much. Though I enjoy reading and updating my blog, I know to myself that I have wasted a lot of time.

Only few close friends (and I doubt if any in my family) knows about this blog. I don't really share this on Facebook. I put a link in my profile but I doubt if anyone bothers to click or check it out. I'd be happy if anyone did, and please if you happen to find this blog, let me know through my FB messenger I'd be really really happy! :)

I know I was not the best wife, daughter, aunt, sister, friend, co-worker and some other roles I play but I am trying my best every day to be the best version of myself every day. I should probably try and work harder to be better, than ever. Please forgive me. To my loved ones - my husband, my family and extended family, and friends, I love you all more than you thought of, Most of the time it doesn't show but you are the reason why I'm here in this world, and I'm doing all I can to be always there for you. I hope you'd be able to read this.

Work Life.
I don't know what to say. As much as possible I want to keep all the whining to myself but hey, I guess I have the right. This is my blog. This air conditioning behind my back is tormenting me. It give me frequent back aches. I call it my tormentor. It sucks all the happiness inside of me. At the end of the day, I get all exhausted and a little depressed. All because of this effing air conditioning! And to that someone whom I used to hold grudges to, I have worked hard and tried to please you. But I guess I can never really please you. So I'll stop and just do the best I could, and if you're not happy with it I'm sorry because I'm not perfect. I don't know if I can be friends with you because it's so awkward.

Life In General.
At this point in my life, I have come to realization that life isn't really about having everything we wanted and hoped for. Ten years ago, all my plans were different from the kind of life that I have now. I can say that my life I was diverted to a far different path than what I planned it to be. That life consists of a roller coaster of emotions. It repeats over and over in different situations,but then you have all the power to chose whether you dwell with it, get carried away, or let it pass until one roll is over. I will live my life because I still have a lot of reasons to wake up and go out each morning. The people I love and the things that matter. It's my life!

Cheers to a very meaningful 2017!

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