Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staycation Mode On

One of the most awaited long weekends of the year is here already. We've waited for this since after Christmas break right? Okay, I'm not supposed to sound like I'm giddily happy because it's the Catholics' observation of the lenten season, but I think there's no reason to be sad either. You don't need to do things like hurting yourself, check this post from one of the blogs I'm following  but if you think that what Jesus has done more than two thousand years ago, is not enough for you, then go ahead do it!

Meanwhile, as I was saying, the long weekend makes me a bit excited. The staycation includes a general cleaning of our room, a visit to an old friend, reading some books, a few movies on dvd, and on Good Friday is for a church service and watching Senakulo. The rest of the free time is just relaxation (hayahay as my brothers-in-law calls it) or anything whatever me and the husband feel like doing. It probably doesn't sound that exciting to you, but to me, since it is something that's not my normal routine, it is fun! Four days of no work will make me miss the people here in the office, but everyone needs it, right? So there it is. Vacation mode is officially ON. It's five o'clock and I'm heading home! See you!


  1. Hi Claire,

    Thanks for visiting It's great to meet fellow bloggers online. I wanted to comment on your post titled "The Birth of this Blog", but you disabled comments there. Anyway, blogging is a good hobby to keep: it gives us our own space where we can express and write our thoughts. If this is your third blog, I'm sure you'll want to keep it. Nice to meet you. :-)

  2. Hi Rhodora, very nice to meet you also. It makes me happy when people like you visit and comment my blog. I really appreciate it. Thank you also for dropping by. Sorry you were not able to comment on The Birth of this Blog. Even I started blogging before, I'm still a newbie and have not yet mastered blogger really, but thank you so much again! :)


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