Friday, June 7, 2013

Flashback Friday: Back To School

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Hey! It's Friday again. This week another school year has just started for most public schools in the Philippines. Each back-to-school craze brings so much memories of my own student years, especially my elementary days when I used to go to a public school. Here are a few of my most memorable experiences being a young student:

  • I was bullied by a boy named Rommel back in grade one. I can still remember his face until now. In grade four until six, I was bullied by Marty, Mariel, Ronald and Aries. I never heard them went to high school so I never got the chance for a revenge, lol! And lol again, I am just good at remembering their names!

  • My mother would buy us school things at least a week before the first day of school. Maybe she hated last minute shopping.

  • I would always get hand-me-downs because I have two older sisters. That sucked (the hand-me-downs, not my sisters)!

  • My mother never had the problem with the hatid-sundo thing. We are a group of kids in our barangay and most students had the same schedule of classes. The school is just a walking distance from home, so all the students would just go to school together walking. The bigger kids would take care of us so while on the street. When going home my brother and my cousin would wait for me so I would not go back home alone.

  • When I was in grade five, my friends and I would cut classes and play chinese garter at the backyard of the school near the garbage dump site.

  • One day, a neighbor's kid went to school really early. Since the school was deserted  he went home and announced to the whole neighborhood that there was no classes. So most of the children in our neighborhood ended up being absent that day, including me.  The following day my classmates asked me why I was absent, duh, I could not imagine my shame so I just kept quiet. 

I don't want to bore you with more of these so that's just about it!

How about you? I would love to hear some of your memorable experiences in your elementary days? Please share them on the comment section below!

Happy Weekend everyone!! :)


  1. Ahhhahha.. I can relate with the chinese garter thingy,but did not cut the classes..
    I was also been bullied, but I forgot his name,We were just grade 4 that time..So fun to reminisce our past.

  2. It was fun reading this.Made me remember being bullied too,walking to school with friends and cutting class to watch movies on vhs.:)

  3. haha nice post sis! you got me thinking about my own school memories :) btw, I'm following you on GFC already.

    1. Thanks Ms budget fashion seeker, I was actually one of your first followers and a regular visitor, thanks for following back! :)

  4. Grabe no? Maaalala mo talaga yung pangalan ng nambully sayo nung grade school. Naaalala ko din ang pangalan ng nambully sakin hahaha.

    1. oo nga, mahirap kalimutan, hehe! ganun pala talaga ang effect ng bullying, buti nga ngayon binibigyan na ng pansin ang pambu bully at ginawan na ng batas


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