Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Epically Awesome Award

I would like to thank Teacher Kristine of Mommy K's Korner for her kindness to give me this award. I'm sorry, I'm so dumb at speeches I actually don't know what to say when I get recognized at anything. Isn't it wonderful when someone finds my blog awesome. I have to Google the word just to make sure it's exact meaning.  It's just that when I hear the word the first thing that comes to my mind is the comedian Empoy, because there's this gag show where he plays a superhero called Kapitan Awesome! Lol!

Well, so much for the babbling, in accepting the award here's what I need to do:

1.  Display the logo
2.  Link back to the awesome person who gave you the award
3.  Share 10 things about yourself
4.  Nominate up to ten other bloggers.

Piece of cake!

Ten Things About Myself:

1.  I am particular with time, I hate being late.
2.  My favorite color is red and blue, but I still love pink :)
3.  I work as an assistant to the Financial Analyst of a food manufacturing firm that produces the best sundae for a popular international fast food chain! :)
4.  I am married to one of the kindest man on earth.
5.  Motherhood is still a dream to me.
6.  I'm a bunso (youngest) in the family
7.  I was born July 7 (forget the year, lol)
8.  I have a crush on David Beckham
9.  I don't like Kris Aquino
10. I don't eat paksiw.

I Nominate:

What's Eating Venus

Dysfunctional Ever After

Kisses and Croissants

Good For Sharing

Ashley Lately

A Wife's Charmed Life

Marikina Food Trip

Mommy Unwired

Budget Fashion Seeker

Single Yet Happy

Thank you again, Mommy/Teacher K! :)


  1. Oh wow! thank you for this. It might take awhile but I will definitely answer this meme :)

    Thank God it's Thursday! :)

  2. Wow thanks for considering me, Claire! Your number 3 item got me really intrigued. Hmmm.. hey, you can shoot me an email in case you have plans of moving. I'm some sort of a head hunter mostly looking for Accounting graduates.

    1. Wow, thanks. I will consider that :)

  3. Congrats on your award! It was nice getting to know you!


  4. thanks for the nomination! nakuuu..utang ko pa rin sanyo ni kristine ang post regarding dito. good day!


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