Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Blog Lang Din Pag May Time

First things first. Pardon my long time of absence without official blog leave. I'm sorry, I was just busy doing something else and I left July with very few posts. I know I'm suppose to not to forget that I promised to keep this blog updated no matter what, and I almost failed. Almost - it's now August but I had posts in my July archive, right? So, almost!

I felt bad about not blogging that much for the month of July because it's my birth month which is supposed to be a very special month but there's no sense in crying over spilled milk, right? Kahit ma calcium pa yan, natapon na eh! :)

And here comes August, malingat ka lang Ber months na!

I only wish I could share all things about my life in this blog. But I feel that that's just not so right. What I write here is not even half of my life. Too personal things should be left personal and I can only admire the bloggers who are brave to share such things on their blog. I blog to release the words my mouth can't speak. I feel good doing this.

I'm glad that I can find the time to blog now and then, di ko nga lang ma career but at least I can say that I can now find the time to blog. It's because I'm not super ngarag at work, in fact I have a lot of free time than work, and my boss is super bait. Wag lang ma block ang blogger, lol!

I'm also glad that I've met wonderful women through blogging. I won't name them but thanks to them, they add meaning to my cyberlife, naks! Hindi talaga ako nawala, hindi lang ako nag po post pero binabasa ko mga blogs nyo po! :)

Uy, para namang namamaalam!

It's just that I'm happy to be back blogging! :)


  1. Welcome back.. and Keep posting sis. ^_^

  2. Welcome back! I try to write me posts every weekend and scheduled them throughout the week, if I know I'll be very busy the week ahead. 'Hope it helps! :)

  3. Thanks Mira, I will do that to keep my blog updated :)
    I miss you too Teacher K! :)


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