Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musings

I know most of us employees get to so lazy waking up on a Monday morning, and made it even worse with the rain that did not seem to stop since the day before. I needed a cup of coffee and a ten-minute stretching to wake my nerves up, ready to go na! That was how my Monday morning today...

To divert the topic from the Monday thing, do any of you guys own a credit card? How long have you been using one? I have one, it's HSBC. I've actually been using it since 2005 pa, bongga diba?! Utangera lang ang peg! But at least I'm not the type who used my card to the max, like sagad sagaran the credit limit! I cannot afford a big utang with my small income. I use my CC only when the need arises, like if there are important purchases such as appliances (0% installment basis) or if it's really really important. But I was scammed before by someone through my credit card (I should make a separate post on that).

Anyway, credit card pa rin, do you pay the annual fee or are you lucky enough to get it waived yearly? Me, I only paid half of the annual fee last year which is 600 pesos. This year my card is suppose to expire na so I did not request for a replacement of the card because I don't have any plans of using credit card anymore. Of course I can live without it, oh ha! :) But a new card arrived, unexpectedly and then the bill followed with the annual fee. Kaloka, bini bill nako di ko pa nga nagagamit?! So I called up HSBC customer service, and discussed my issue. Instead of cancelling my account, they just asked me to continue using the card and they will just waive and reverse my annual fee. Meaning I don't have to pay the (expletive deleted) annual fee anymore but still can use the card for the whole year starting this month. Okay :)

But before I halt, I thought I saw an ad at the left side of my blog. I saw it and when I logged again, it's not there anymore! Nuffnang! Haha! April Fools joke?!

Have a great day!

Love, Claire


  1. I dont have CC.hahahah... kahit ang tagal tagal ko nag work,never ako nag karon,soi never knew the feelingog having one.. hmmmm, anyways.. Its fine,less tempation na rin. hindi ba enrolled sa nuffnang blog mo mare?

    1. If you don't have a bad spending habit, maganda rin ang may CC.
      Matagal nako enrolled sa nuffnang pero never pa nagka ad :)

  2. I also own a cc, which I use only when needed. I know it's tempting to use it and buy and buy, but we have to be wise. By the way, you're pretty :)

    1. Talaga, very tempting, kaya bihira ko dalhin sa mall CC ko :)
      Thanks, I prettified myself by editing the pic
      Thank you for visiting :)

  3. I already requested that they cut my HSBC card (i think i've used it for 4 years). Nagbabawas na ako ng credit cards eh. although ang dami ko ring nakuhang libreng starbucks coffee dahil dun :)

    1. Ako rin, nakailang starbucks din ako at kung ano ano pang promo c/o HSBC! :) Thanks for dropping by sis! :)


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