Friday, March 10, 2017

The Island That Is Boracay

Hey guys! I'm back! But this post has been long overdue. It was when the rest of the world was decking the halls with bells and folly, I went to Boracay with my beach body, I mean buddies! :)

It's never too late for post about a beach get-away that was spent in December because, you can feel it, summer has just began (at least in my part of the earth!) :) This was a nine-month vacation in the making because the ticket was purchased in March 2016 (if you really want to spend less money for a two-way air fare, you need to be patient for those airline promos, wink!) just like what we did. A vacation that was very cheap even a minimum wage earning woman can afford.

Meet the gang! Four lovely ladies who spends time together a lot (that's because we work in the same company and we have no other choice! No, they're awesome and we're fabulous! And boy do I need to tell where is that island when I know for sure Boracay is just one of the most sought-after beach in the Philippines? Anyway, from left to right: Me, Cel, Joanne, and Joy at the shores with the sands at our feet, the wind blowing our hair and the perfect water summoning us with its mighty powers. Oh that was a really lovely day!

Landed destination safe and sound
Did I mention it was my first time to fly? And I had the privilege (which I did not enjoy) to get the window seat. I said I was fine at the aisle, I said it was fine if hips of strangers keep bumping on my arms (and worse face) because I have fear of heights. I could not look down when I'm at a higher locations. I could not! But then, my seatmate insisted. So I ended up seating by the window despite my diplomatic protest. How was it. Oh it was fine! I was fine when the plane shook during its take-off and landing. But it was when I saw how the earth looked down from up there scared me. I almost cried. I felt so little, so insignificant to the vastness of the universe and the mysteries that goes with it. Okay, I'm overreacting!

 When I looked at the window and stared at this beautiful clouds, it was only then I understood why some people dreamed to fly. That feeling I could not form into words. That same feeling when Harry Potter soaring with his Firebolt escaping the dragon in the Tri-Wizard tournament? Almost. Well, I can fly again but not the window seat next time! :)

After around three (or four) hours of travel both land and air from Manila to Aklan, we reached Boracay mid-afternoon and the beach was crowded. It was a Sunday, the weather was perfect, and the place was awesome so our minds did not entertain anything that our bodies said tired. We changed into our sexiest (yeah!) clothes and hit the beach right away. FYI, it was a challenge shopping for summer clothes in the months where people were busy shopping for gifts, so excuse our OOTD's if that's the sexiest we can get! (Laughing out loud and winking out hard!)

I love the beach. I dream of owning a house just right next to the shores. I love waking to the sounds of the waves in the morning and the same gentle sound would rock me to sleep at night. I love the salty winds messing my hair along with the trees swaying to its rhythm. I would walk on the shores with the sands massaging the soles of my feet while collecting beautiful sea shells I could find. And in the afternoon, I would sit under a tree staring at the sunset contemplating about life (even the life after this life) and our reason for existence. Oh the dream life! :)

So how was the trip? I had a blast! Definitely a must see place you would never go back home grouchy! I intended (or tried whichever word works best) this post to be a bit of a how-to-travel-to-boracay-with-a-little-money-post but with my noisy thoughts, look how this has turned out? I'm sorry, I know I cannot do that travel blogging by now. I'm a lousy travel blogger! I can't even remember the name of that house we stayed where we had an awful experience. But anyway, I hope to blog another awesome vacation next time and will try to make it more information-loaded and helpful next time. I'm sure there's plenty of blogs out there that could help you if you have plans of visiting the island.  

Until next time. I love you for reading. Let me know what you think, please, please, please! :)

Thank you Ate Pretty Yzet Macay for the permission to use her photos.



  1. Oh wow it looks gorgeous... I also dream of owning a house next to the shore. I love the sound of the waves; when I'm trying to get to sleep, I sometimes imagine I'm rocking in a boat: it often works...

    1. Yes, it looks even more beautiful when you're there. The good thing about tropical countries, you can go to the beach anytime :) there's plenty of beautiful beaches here :)


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