Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Birth of This Blog

If a writer is someone who loves to put his thoughts into letters, then call me one. I don't have the technical knowledge, the mastery of grammar, and a very good command of English (even Tagalog) but I really love to write my thoughts down. I wouldn't care much if no one bothers to read. I just want my thoughts documented.

I have written so many things before. I have had blogs before this one (this is my third blog account, I think). I just hope that I have the time to maintain this one. 

I have been following a lot of blogs for quite sometime, and how I wish to myself I could do what they've been doing. I could write as good as them. 

Anyway, the purpose this blog is created is for myself alone, my personal diary. Anyone can read, give their opinion, but all that is in here are my personal opinion. 

Thank you!

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