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Fifty Shades of Grey Review

No doubt this book has become so popular, so I decided, out of curiosity, to read this book, It has been three thousand years since I read one romance novel, so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad after all to spend some precious time to once again  do one of my favorite past times.

Calling the book “mommy porn” did not stop me from reading it. I’m married so I thought I have the right for this kind of erotically packed stuffs without feeling guilty. I also thought, why this book has become so popular, and having first heard it from Delamar, a radio jock whose voice is on air for years, encouraged me all the more to read this book.

Okay, so I’m done with the first book  and I was able to finish it for only more than a week. Yes, a week is quite fast enough for me to finish an almost four hundred paged book. I’m only half way done with the second book but I’ll just update this when I’m done with the third. I cannot write a summary so just please google it.

In my opinion……

I liked this book because..

The characters are cute, Christian Grey of most specially. He’s so handsome I don’t think Ian Somerhalder has the looks if they’re going to make it in the movies. I wish they would consider Channing Tatum and Alexis Bledel, but I don’t think I am going to watch it on the big screen though.  I wonder how they would turn the bdsm scenes to not to make it look like a hard porn material. I sure it will be an R-18 here in the Philippines.  I think this is the reason why this book has become phenomenal to the women out there. Christian is just the man in every woman’s fantasy and that’s just it. Not the sex really because if you want hard porn there’s plenty of them in the net, right? This is just my point of view, of course!
With regards to the plot, I wonder if those things could happen in real life, I mean a twenty seven year old rich and super good looking man is still haunted by the memories that happened when he was four and dwelt with it for that long. And even though he was adopted by a well to do couple, it did not help?  Enlighten me please.

Meanwhile, Anastasia Steele’s eating habit is a little disturbing.  She can let a day pass without eating like a normal girl her age. I would like to think that she has some eating disorder.  I’m surprised that a girl with a mother who has been married and divorced for only guard-knows-how-many-times, still grew up to be a reserved kind of girl. Maybe it really happens, right?
The email exchanges between Ana and Christian are delightfully entertaining. I just can’t help but smile with those subjects and titles. Really I find it cute!

Part of this book that I hate….

Of course it’s all about bdsm turned true love relationship, but does Ms James find it necessary to have an elaborate  sex scene on almost every fifth page of the book? That’s just my calculation, sorry! I had to skip most of those kinky f*****y so I could finish the book early. And there’s those part that make me laugh so hard.  Those sex toys are insane!

So to sum this up, I’d give Fifty Shades of Grey three stars out of five. To me it’s not so bad like what most have said. I find it entertaining.

If you keep rolling your eyes, biting your lower lip, staring at your knotted fingers, and keeps saying “laters, baby” it’s probably just the grey effect J

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