Friday, November 23, 2012

What's With My Education and Pigs

I don’t really eat pork. I hate its smell, not easy to digest and most of the time gets stuck between my molars. But this animal is special to me because my parents used to raise them and the money they get from it would be used for my tuition fee.  To simply put, I finished education with the help of those animals whose flesh I despised eating.

Can we have pigs as pet? I don’t really think so. They’re messy and when they poop they smell horrible, really horrible you’d rather smell the trash bin.

But these animals are adorable though. Try to feed a piglet using a baby feeding bottle and you’ll see how cute they can be. They’re like babies they know when you’re about to give them milk. Their eyes would shine and they scream like they’re excited to see their mother after a long time of absence. That’s how cute they are. But I heard that there are breeds of pigs that can be pets. I don’t know what part of the world where those pigs come from. I’d rather have dogs and birds at home.

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