Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Wonder Oil

I have been a big fan of Virgin Coconut Oil for years now and I am happy that this wonder oil is available almost everywhere here in the Philippines. But just recently, I discovered another wonder oil that’s also proudly Philippine made. It’s Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil.  Because of the raves and many positive reviews about this product I did not hesitate to give it a try. I have seborrheic psoriasis since 2008 it makes my skin sensitive I could not just use any product that might irritate it all the more.  Good thing this Sunflower Beauty Oil or SBO is all organic. And guess what!? It’s so affordable!!  I used to think that all organic products are expensive but I was wrong.

Going back to the product – SBO, I notice effects in my first week of use. I love because it’s not so greasy on the skin despite the fact that it is an OIL! (Yes, I just have to put an exclamation point on that one). I apply it on my skin after bath and before bedtime. The flakes and redness of my skin infection lessened,  and I noticed that it has whitening effects because my knees and elbows improved (they used to look like a doorknob!) they are now smoother.  I am not exaggerating here. I don’t get paid by Human Nature or anyone to rave about this product. I’m just glad that I found this one and thankful for whoever invented this (the Meloto sisters, thank you!)

You might want to check out their website and learn more about this product and the company who makes it:

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