Friday, December 7, 2012

My First Chicken Adobo

My husband and I love chicken more than pork, and if there's one dish that I dying to cook perfectly and make it my specialty, it would be.....drum rolls please.....chicken adobo!!!

I'm sure every Pinoy loves this dish, and for sure almost all of us know how to cook this.

I thought at first that it is very easy to cook adobo since you just have to boil all the ingredients in a pot and it doesn't take much time, but I discovered after I've done a few googling, there's a thousand (okay I'm exaggerating, just a hundred and one) ways to cook this all-time Filipino favorite.

Anyway, my first attempt was not so bad. I used calamansi instead of vinegar. I also put more garlic, whole ground pepper and a little ginger. It was more of sour than salty but I liked it that way.

I must admit it will take me more practice to perfect this dish, so good luck to me.  Happy cooking!!

This was from my multiply blogs written a few years ago.

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