Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Your Smile Can Do

This is not to show you I have a beautiful smile. In fact, I don’t! I probably am one of the ugliest smiles in the world.  But things that happen take me by surprise when I give my smile straight fresh from the heart especially to strangers.

I remember my husband and I went to Divisoria one time to hunt for some cheap stuff. It was late in the morning already and I was so delighted there were so many things to choose from without worrying where the money I had could take me.  I approached a middle-aged man who’s selling colorful cotton pants and asked him how much he was selling them.  What he said surprised me.  “It costs eighty pesos, but because you were the first one to smile at me today I will give it to you for sixty” was what he said while smiling back at me.  I ended up buying three pieces.

Those were just few among others I’ve had, not to mention my not-so-pretty smile. What about you, I’m sure you have a picture perfect smile. It won’t hurt to give it to some random strangers you meet everyday.

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