Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Classic Challenge

I just took Female Network's quiz Which classic novel  should you start the new year with, and the result is:

It's been one of my goals at every beginning of the year to read more books compared to the previous years (at least since college because it was then that my love for reading seriously began), but that goal has not been achieved yet.

Why, because, first, I can't spend money on books. Books are expensive even if it's a paperback edition. Here in the Philippines, it costs around five hundred pesos or more (about thirteen US dollars) at ako'y isang hamak na empleyado lamang! It is not very practical on my part to buy books every now and then.

Second, I'm always busy because of work, house chores, and some extra terrestrial activities. Can't find time to read, if I do it at bedtime I'd be sleeping after two pages! 

Buti na lang, thanks to technology, nauso na ang ebooks. I download some for free, and I'd just read it here in my pc during break-time  I saved some in my mobile phone, but it's hard to read from there since the letters are smaller, and it's a little inconvenient turning from page to page.

Now this challenge courtesy of Female Network (the most visited website in my computer) is really a challenge for me because I have not read any classic novel before. But I will try, since there is no harm in trying sabi nga nila! I already have a pdf copy of that and its six hundred something pages quite overwhelmed me! Okay lang, keribels na rin, yun ngang Fifty Shades trilogy natapos ko eto pa!!! Wish 
me luck!!!

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  1. Sis, you can get Kindle, and you can get your e-books free if you scrounge around the internet. fifty shades is way different from jane eyre. When i was reading classics with old english in high school, dinugo ilong ko haha, but i had my share of classics. My fave is, yup, jane eyre and scarlet letter :)

    1. thanks! sige try ko mag kindle :) challenge talaga mag basa ng classics, sana makatapos ako kahit 1 isa lang at least for 2013, puro kasi ako chiclit, mga tipong kababawan lang, yung john grisham nga intellectual na yun para sakin, hehehe! thanks again! :)


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