Thursday, January 10, 2013

White Collar

I'm hooked! I just finished watching Season 3, and I can't get enough of it! Too bad there is no free tv franchise of this here in the Philippines, I only get to watch it on dvd. I don't know if season 4 is already available on dvd because I think it is currently airing in the US.

I love it because it's drama, comedy and suspense with a good-looking man for the main character all rolled into one.

I love Matt Bomer, the very handsome actor who played Neal Caffrey, the con artist turned FBI consultant when he was caught by Peter, the FBI speacial agent, after some time of a cat and dog chase.  Helping Peter Burke at the FBI in their cases was Neal's commutation when he was caught and imprisoned for his involvement with art theft. I can't imagine any other actor play Neal Caffrey.

But before I began fantasizing a Matt Bomer look-a-like (my husband is not the jealous type and sometimes I hate him for that, it makes me ugly) for a bagger at the supermarket counter who would assist me with my groceries, I found out he's gay! And he is also a candidate to play Christian Grey for the Fifty Shades movie, where to me he passed with soaring colors, even if he's gay. Well, ganun pa man, he still is the most beautiful man I've seen on television (at least on the looks department). Looking forward to Season 4!


  1. naku sis!I got hooked rin haha!
    there was this one weekend that I didn't get out of my room (i survived with my water bottle) just to finish season 2 and 3 haha!).

    I'm currently watching his other series called Traveler.

    1. ang gwapo ni Matt Bomer noh!, sayang lang....;)


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