Friday, January 4, 2013

The Hat Party

For 2012, our company-Advance Food Concepts Mfg., Inc.'s christmas party's theme is Hot Hat. Take a look at the photos below:
The Best Costume contenders, where the winner gets a cash prize.  You'll see who won as you scroll down.

The chics and their body guard. (Speed came as SG Canto, the company guard) with She and Joan.

The managers

Finance and Warehouse boys in their hats

The committee members. Sorry po I was not smiling, ang lameeg kasi!
The Boombadoomboom girls (per department dance contest)

The food.
The hosts.

The Fresco Kilabot contestants.
The Kilabot talent

:) sorry po iikot nyo na lang leeg nyo, eto si Best in Costume winner!

Finance w/ Purchasing, Warehouse and IT family.

I would like to thank Ma'am Carmi for letting me use her pictures kahit hindi ako nagpaalam :)

Until our next christmas party!!!!!

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