Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Facebook Likes List

I have already drafted my share of Facebook pet peeves, but just lately when I googled other netizens’  facebook pet peeves, I was so surprised to see many bloggers who have their own posts about it. Although most have the same pet peeves, I’m still thinking how Facebook has a huge impact in our everyday lives. So I decided not to post my own pet peeves anymore and change it to just the things that I like seeing in facebook, so here it is:

·         Travel photos – especially if the photos are really good, it makes me feel like I have already been to those places just by looking at their pictures. I don’t look at the people’s faces though, just the view of the place. I actually have a friend who travels a lot and she posts pictures of the places, even the streets and the hotel entrances. I click like right away even if I haven’t finished viewing all she posted.

·         Inspirational and motivational quotes or any post that’s full of hope in relation to my friends’ real life situation.  I’d rather hear them not losing hope or motivate themselves than rant about even the smallest of things.

·         Important updates, changes or milestones in my friends’ lives like weddings, graduation, new job, career promotion and academic achievements (but not the bragging type), even new relationships, things like that.

·         The unusual experiences that do not happen everyday like celebrity encounters, being trapped in an elevator with a cute guy, you know the things you can’t wait to share with close friends or family when you get home from work or school.

·         Company or any sort of corporate activities.

·         Book recommendations, grabe bihira ang friend na mag post ng ganito.

·         Funny photos, even those edited ones, remember the ones with Thor?

I think that’s about all.  I’ll just update this post if I can think of anything else. If I changed my mind about not posting my facebook pet peeves, please don’t be surprised. Thank you and have a nice day!

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