Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Tax Issues

Early February I have received my BIR Form 2306 for the year 2012. I was not surprised with the figure because it's close to what I expected. I can say that the amount is, applying the concept of materiality, is of course, very material to me cause we are living in a material world, and I amamaterial girl! Lol!  But seriously, to some it's small, but to me, it's a huge amount of my hard earned money. Blood, sweat, tears, saliva, I've shed them all for that amount only to be taken by the government. I know it's my duty & responsibility to pay taxes, I just don't get it why does it have to be that big!

Okay, let me give you some idea on how much income taxes I've paid to the government. Below is the list of the things/services I could have bought with that money:

1,379 kilograms of rice; or
939 bars of soap; or
260 tall Starbucks Frappucino; or
8 months rent to a nice apartment; or
1,046 liters of gasoline; or
7,671 kilowatts electricity; or
68 months of water bill; or
91 bottles of Victoria's Secret Body Mist; or
8 Kindle 5; or
2092 days worth of jeepney fare (back and forth); or
Hongkong vacation for two, plus some pocket money

Take note that the amount I used is the total amount of taxes withheld for the year 2012. You can work back to arrive how much was my net taxable income (the accountants are just smiling with my very small salary :)).

Nanghihinayang ako sa tuwing iniisip ko ang tax ko, pero ganun pa man, ganun talaga eh! Like I said, it is my duty as a citizen of this country to pay taxes. At siguro naman hindi naman masama mag demand ng maayos na serbisyo sa gobyerno kapalit ng tax na binayad ko diba, dahil iyon naman ang purpose nun?  Atchakah hindi lang income tax ang binayaran ko, marami pa, like VAT, at kung ano ano pa. So sana naman, pag pumunta ako sa mga offices ng gobyerno, wag naman ako tarayan (at pag antayin ng Nakapatagal, with a capital n) ng mga empleyado dun pag nagtanong ako at humingi ng tulong. Siguro naman hindi iyon kalabisan. diba??

ranting lang ang peg!

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