Friday, February 22, 2013

An Unusual Friendship

I had no idea how it all began. I just knew right then and there that what we feel for each other is mutual.  I'm talking about one of my favorite friends at work - Ate Gretchen. Sometimes I call her "Lagreta" or simply "Gretchen" as endearment.  We are from different departments. I'm at Finance and she's at the Laboratory weighing ingredients to be used for the food processing. Her job makes her smell like vanilla, maple, and chocolate most of the time. And I just love it when she comes to the office smelling like that.

It's been years, but until this very day, aside from love for food and dislikes to anything expensive,  I can't think of anything else we have in common. She's a mother and around fifteen years older than me, but every time I see her, there's this feeling that she's a friend from high school or college, or a childhood friend in the neighborhood. There's something very homey in her personality. She's the kind of woman you would like to have a chat with in the morning while your cleaning your front yard, or doing the laundry. I hope a have someone like her in the neighborhood for a "kumare".

This post is not just about Ate Gretchen only, but rather to people like her who makes me appreciate the good things in life all the more. To appreciate having them in our lives, who uplifts our spirit and does not put us down, who's "hello" makes us feel that life is just about living it simply, without pretensions, and just being happy despite many odds.
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