Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebrity Encounters

She may not be as famous as Marian Rivera or Anne Curtis, but she sure is a very familiar face to all of us, I mean at least to me since I saw her in Aswang. That was in the 90's when this movie with Alma Moreno, who played the young aswang, Manilyn Reynes and Aiza Seguerra and her, the lady in the picture, no, not me, the old woman in the middle. When I saw the movie, there's this one scene that gives me goose bumps even until now every time I remember it. I don't know but I found it so scary. That was the scene when the old aswang was hitting the ground with a walis tingting while the characters played by Manilyn and Aiza was passing by the aswang's home. I can never forget the look on the aswang's face. But anyway, her name is Lilia Cuntapay and I'm so happy to have a picture with her, and she seems like a very kind woman.

Lucy Torres-Gomes has been one of my favorite faces on tv since she became Richard Gomez' other half. When I won tickets to Bench's fashion show featuring Lucy Hale, I was not expecting to see her there. How can I be so stupid not to think about that when she's one of Bench's models? Okay, so were standing in line to the entrance of the SMX Convention Center waiting for our turn to go inside when Lucy Torres with her daughter Juliana walked in right in front of me. Yes, right in front of me! She was like two to three meters away, and I was so stunned and starstruck it was too late to take a picture of her and see what I got, nothing but a bad picture and just the memory of her super beautiful face.
She was actually chatting with the security guard while walking, how nice of her!

It was September 26 2009, while typhoon Ondoy was flooding Marikina and the nearby places, I was at somewhere in Shaw Blvd selling ice cream at Ronald McDonald House Charities Badminton tournament. A lot of companies have participated there and had their respective representatives. Our company did not have any, so we were there to sell ice cream instead and I was the cashier. Meanwhile GMA Network were represented by some celebrities, and I was lucky enough to have pictures with some of them, and I would like to share only one, with AJ Dee because he actually made akbay to me and I was like kilig, like a high school girl. Sorry but I think mas gwapo sya kay Enchong! :)

That's all folks! 

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