Monday, March 11, 2013

Where Have All The Gentlemen Gone?

Maybe it happens sometimes, but gone are the days where a man would offer up his seat in a full bus or jeepney for you, or let you go first in a line to the cashier in a supermarket  or government offices. Everyday, going to and from places, I take the jeepney most of the time. Sometimes I take the bus and lrt or mrt when going somewhere outside my home Rizal. It has been part of my daily life since 1993 ( I was in first year high school when I started to commute) because I never owned a car as of the moment (can't afford it :))

I still remember the last time I was offered up a seat in a public transportation, and it was some years ago. My husband and I were going somewhere in Manila to buy some stuff for our small business, we took the mrt. I hated taking that train especially on weekdays and during rush hour. I'm sure you understand me if you do take the MRT every single day. My guard! I can't take the awkwardness when someone's armpit is one over a hundred centimeters next to my face! Thankfully that was a weekend and the MRT was not that crowded, so I decided to go with my husband in the male's section of the train. We were standing because all the seats were already taken. When the train was already moving a few minutes later, a man made kalabit (poked a finger at me to get my attention) to me, so I looked at the direction where the kalabit came from, then I saw a man pointing a vacant seat and motioned me to take it. I looked around and found out I was the nearest woman in that seat. So I took the vacant slot and murmured 'thank you' to no one in particular. While sitting, I could not help but analyze what was happening. I asked myself if I looked sick that made those men offered me the seat when they could just take it since I was like four or five steps far and someone nearer could just take it. Maybe I looked sick because I did not have any lipstick on, or maybe because I'm thin. No. I'm thin but I don't look like sick, and maybe I did not wear my Estee Lauder lipstick (which I got for free btw) but I didn't think I looked like a recovering tuberculosis patient. Then I thought would the world end soon that's why people starts to be kind? Ump! But then  I just thought the men were just kind enough and offered me that vacant seat because I'm a lady, the good manner taught by their loving mothers. That small act of kindness made my day! It's been a long time since then, and I thought where have all these men gone?

If you happen to be one of those men, I hope your breed will grow into multitudes! :) God bless all of you!

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