Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crazy Weather Makes Me Crazier

The sound coming from the fan woke me up this morning. It's been hot these past few days. Summer. I dreaded the coming Lenten Season. Husband and I have no vacation plans whatsoever. I hate long no work days because I've left with nothing to do. It makes me think more of my longing to have a child. I have more free time to spend on nothing. Just doing nothing. I hate it. When I'm home and doing nothing, I tend to eat a lot. I get hungry every three hours. Luckily I can burn those calories without exerting so much effort. I'm thankful I got my father's genes of one hundred mph metabolism. Right now, I crave for my comfort foods, this

and this
These are not healthy, but who said comfort food are suppose to be healthy. I'm just taking a break here at work, and I have a mango shake and Oishi Pillows instead.

Back to the weather, it was hot this morning, and ironically at around twelve noon, it rained hard, at least here in Marikina. The rain made me crave for a soup like this:

Then after about an hour, the sun is shining once again! At it remind me that God is a very loving God.


  1. Ah, you're from Marikina that's why! :)

    1. hindi sis, taga Antipolo ako, sa Marikina ko work :)

  2. Oohh sarap double cheese, unfortunately bawal na sa akin ito ;(

    1. oo nga eh, kung ano yung bawal yun yung masarap. meron naman cheat day :) heheh


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