Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tony's and Japan

When I was in high school, there’s this store that me and my classmates would always run to whenever we are looking for something that we thought could not be found just anywhere. It’s a general merchandise store owned by a Chinese man named Tony, we called him Toning Intsik (means Tony the Chinese in Tagalog).  Goldfish, medals, trophies, baton, name it, you can buy them there! I went there one time to look for a second hand El Filibusterismo book, then it was Tony himself in the store. I asked “May El Fili po kayo?” (do you have a book El Fili). Tony said “Meron, fowty peso” (yes, it’s forty pesos) while extending his hand that meant I should pay first before he give me the book. My classmate also bought something from Tony, and instead of giving her her change of one peso, he gave her candies instead.  FYI this store is one of the most popular in Binangonan town proper back in the 90’s. I’m not sure if it is still as popular today because I have not been there for ages. It’s a shame because it is my home town, (my parents’ house is around five kilometers from the town proper) and the last time I’ve been there was, I think, six years ago. I should probably go back in there to see how the place looks like at present. I wish Tony is still there.

Meanwhile,  Japan Store 88 has been one of my favorite stores recently. No, I don’t buy a lot of stuff from there, I just love looking around the store as if I’m nag-iimbentaryo (counting for record purposes) of the items. There’s so many cute stuff that’s so tempting to buy, but good thing the practical side of me always prevail (hey, I have always been kuripot!). I had to, in these tough times, money should be spent wisely. Anyway, I took some of the cute items that I found while roaming around the store and here they are:
Cute heart-shaped pillows in different colors. I wanted to buy one for myself but it's too small. I prefer large and puffy pillows around me when sleeping.

Hello Kitty items, there are many of these in the store I'm sure if you are a hello kitty fan, you won't help yourself but add some to your collection. Good thing I love Mickey more than this cat :)

In some business establishments, you would see golden cats waving at you at the entrance or somewhere near the cashier, but this one is really cute. It's as tall as a five year old boy and giving out a peace sign instead of a wave. How nice!

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  1. I love the Hello Kitty corner at Japan stores. It brings me back to childhood. Hehe.


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