Friday, March 1, 2013

Women On Fire

The month of March is the month for annual observation and education about fire prevention here in the Philippines. Also, in the month of March, is the International Women's Month celebrated and observed in all the nations all over the world. So what does fire have to do with women or vice versa? It's just a coincidence, but still this month reminds me of my favorite kabaro (fellow women) icon of all time. Please let me share it with you some of them:

Corazon Aquino: aside from being the mother of Kris Aquino, who would forget the housewife that led a revolution? Her soft-spoken and kind spirited nature made the entire nation cried buckets when she died in 2009.  Of course she was not exempted from all those controversies, but leading a nation after the years of dictatorship was not an easy job for a woman who looked far from tough. She deserved all the credits.

Diana, Princess of Wales. I was in first year college when she died, and it was only then that I learned many things about her though I've seen her face in many magazines and newspapers when I was young. She's been an icon,  and an inspiration to a lot of women despite her not so happy marriage that ended up in a divorce. Leaving two adorable son whom she did a nice job raising well, she's one woman the world will always remember.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Who would not admire this woman? She is a saint to the Catholics, but to the people she helped, she was probably an angel in that white robe. "The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway" is my favorite quote from her. Don't you just wish that the world would have more people like her? I do.

Aretha Franklin. I'm not from her generation but I love listening to her songs. Every woman who wants to learn how to sing know and adore her. There have been many singers who sang their own version of Aretha's songs, but nothing beats the original. I guess no one can ever take the place of the Queen of Soul.

J.K. Rowling. Because of her inspiring life story and Harry Potter books. I don't need a lot of explaining, do I?

There you go, five of my favorite women icon in the whole wide world! Happy Women's Month to all my kumares!

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