Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm Inspired To Blog Because

My poor writing skills and limited internet access did not stop me when I decided to create a blog. I used to keep a notebook where I write all my thoughts back in my younger years. That's how I blog back then. I still keep that notebook until now after so many years, and reading those things I wrote there made me realize that I've really grown as a person. I thought that if we document our lives with photographs, why not do the same with words through a blog.

A tool to learn. I know there's so much for me to learn, and this process will never end for as long as I live. I've been reading blogs since I learned to use the internet and I always thank God for this amazing human invention. When I thought blogging was just for sharing what you already know, I realized I was wrong when I created a blog that was supposed to be a personal online diary. Now I'm enjoying blogging as a hobby and learning is just a bonus.

It keeps me sane. In this crazy world that we live in, amidst all the challenges of life, for a woman who does not talk much, life won't be so easy if I don't have anything to express my feelings with. I feel like I'm going to turn into a walking machine if I don't. It gets me off the hook from the mundane living. Writing and blogging has always been a big help.

When I'm gone. I know this sounds morbid but eventually, we will all gonna die, right? At least most people believe in that idea. When that happens, at least people who know me can just check my blogs. It's as if I'd still be living when they read my posts here.  Awoo...:)This will forever remind them that I appreciate life even more for  having them.

A challenge to live a life worth sharing. I have a life, the most precious gift from God which I'm thankful for every day. I am accountable to this life that He gave me so I have to make the most of it despite all my shortcomings, imperfections and limitations. And every single day, I think of ways to make my life meaningful and to make it an inspiration to other people and touch their lives. I am challenged to try new things so that I have something to share to the people around me. Isn't this enough reason to blog?

Parang promdi na bagong salta sa Maynila, ako man sa blogosphere.

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  1. the first year i blogged, i got a notebook with me too, so I can never forget what to post :P I love those reasons why you love to blog, which somehow reflects to mine too :)

    from Myxilog with love <3


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