Monday, April 22, 2013

What Scares Women About Growing Old

Girl Talkers share their views about the things that scare them about growing old. I have chosen some of the most interesting answers:

moderator_over_35 said 
"the number one thing that scares us about getting old is, we must admit, the physical defects."

ney18ven said: 

"growing old alone"

rhen said:  
"growing old being empty....emotionally, mentally and FINANCIALLY"

sweety_paige said:  
"I don't want to be a burden to anyone when I grow old."

pookie said: 
"losing the people I love and watching them die one by one."

phoenix said:
  "not raising my children as God planned them to be  and i want to grow old & fulfilled not just financially but spiritually, knowing that i gave my all to Jesus, so i can die peacefully."

mooncake and leaves said:  

"realizing that my dreams are too far from me and at the same time, having little time to do something about it."

byutijunkie said:

"what scares me most about getting old is being forgotten.  when you get so old that people have forgotten the way you were before.  when to those people around you, you're just some old random personality...whatsoever..."

Aira3173 said:
"i'm scared of growing old alone and sickly. arthritis, wrinkles and becoming dependent on others."

cosmochick said: 

"growing old alone and unhappy
growing old sickgrowing old poor."

aquacharly said: 

"What scares me -- being physically unable to take care of myself.  I would rather die than need to have someone wipe my butt."

prettybaby said:

"wala ng sex life."  (no more sex life)

blushberry said:

"I'm scared that I won't meet the man of my dreams."

happie said:

"I don't like it when people ask me if I'm already married.  Do I really look the part?  I'm fit and as far as I'm concerned I still don't have wrinkles."

cherry*coke said:

"that my kid/s would ignore me..."

sunspiced said:

"growing old without noteworthy experiences"

fidz said:

"sitting in the corner asking for alms...... the scariest thing to happen."

ebbah said:

"not having kids. it really scares me. "

alluka said:

"Scared that as I grow up, it comes closer that my mom is getting older.
That's one thing that I'm afraid of facing someday in the future. "

laviere said:
"i'm scared of growing old alone. going home to an empty house with nobody caring where i am, nobody to share my thoughts with."

imyourangel said:
"I'm not scared about getting old really... I'm more scared of the thought that I might not reach old age anymore. lol."

blushberry said:
"being alone and not successful.  this is my biggest fear in life."

diamondsinthesky said:
"What scares me is the thought of growing old while not really growing up. There's a fine line between the two. As they put it, "growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional". I fear that I might grow old without realizing my true potential and living my life with a sense of fulfillment."

What about you? What scares you about growing old? 

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  1. . ako rin scared rin ako na tumanda alone, at maging pabigat sa iba,,


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