Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Sweating The Small Stuff

People often tell us "don't sweat the small stuff" but sorry, I beg to disagree. Literally, I have some small stuff to sweat out. Okay, here's the thing. I am a skinny person, so is my husband. It's in our genes. But that does not mean we do not need exercise. And the small stuff that I'm talking about is despite the fact that I'm thin, I have belly fat! I feel like a milk fish, (bangus-nasa tiyan ang taba!). Each time I try to gain weight to achieve the ideal 120 pounds for my sixty six inch height, it's my waist that gets all the fat first, not my legs, arms or chest (how I wish) or any part of my body so I just stopped trying to gain weight because it becomes uncomfortable and it felt like I would look even worse.

So what do I do to sweat those small stuff away? Aside from house chores on weekends, my husband and I would go to this place in Antipolo where we would just walk or jog and enjoy the view all at the same time. The place is called Blue Mountain (along Sumulong Highway near Fatima University), is not actually a place for physical activities but since it is not (yet) closed for public, we took advantage of enjoying the place. It's a thirty minute walk from home so our exercise begins once we stepped out the door. On weekends or holidays, bikers from all over Antipolo and nearby places would go there. Just watching those bikers pass us by while we walk along the highway gives more thrill in our "physical activity" -_^!

Sorry for the bad pictures, I used my celphone in taking pictures because I did not bring any bag with me.

Overlooking the mountains and residential area below. Although there's bangin at the side, don't worry it's not that scary.

Children playing by the improvised swing at the entrance of Blue Mountain and other joggers by the sidewalk. It was still actually foggy that time I took the pic, around 7 in the morning.

I don't know these women, but I think they're mothers taking advantage of the holiday to sweat out some stuff, like us! :)

Tarush ang view ng trees and rocks along the street sides. The place look deserted because this was taken on a Maundy Thursday, there were only few bikers and joggers in the area at that time.

Just avoid going to the middle of the street because cars pass at a faster speed.

The view was so nice, except on the left side there's a quarrying na nagaganap, it's sad! :( I wish that they should stop killing the trees! Kawawa naman si mother nature, and us lalo na!

This is our favorite spot in that place. I run around there because it's a circling road (paikot na kalsada, tama po ba? :). The building on the right side is the Fatima school. Kelangan talaga malayo ang pic nakakahiya kasi legs ko, oo legs yan mukha lang kamoteng kahoy! Hahaha!

And when you get tired and hungry, there's McDonald's nearby. So right after sweating out, eat fries and double cheese burger with matching Coke Float! Okay?! Jazz kidding! :)

(Pahabol) One last pic, since I love trees I took more pics , if past life chorva were true, I was a monkey in my past life, but thankfully it isn't! :)


  1. Same here! I am underweight (always have been despite all efforts to gain weight) but has a good amount of muffin waist! Skinny limbs (only not so obvious because I stand 5'0 thanks)and humongous tummy. The horror! And people wonder why I still exercise. Urgh.

  2. Hahaha, true! But when you reach late twenties to early thirties it's easy to gain weight na. For now, let's enjoy being skinny because for sure it won't last forever :) Like what most women around tell me "tataba ka rin" :)


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