Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Aura? Rambling Mind on a Manic Monday

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Last week, SM Prime Holdings latest addition to its mall collection (hey my language) has opened. You all heard it, it's SM Aura, the reason why SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw the older version to her fans) came to Manila. We were talking here at the office why it's called SM Aura. We mean why not SM High Street, or SM BGC or SM across Market Market, or SM SJP or SM The Best So Far, or whatever! Hehehe! Pardon my absurdity!

So because I'm still not over with SJP in Manila, although I am not a fan, I googled it. And lady luck struck me because my whatabout is already in Wiki, here! Updated sya ha!

Yun naman pala! It's called Aura because it's derived from the two elements, gold, that has a chemical symbol Au, and radium that when put together defines "luxury and elegance that emanates from within". That also answered why SJP and not Cynthia Nixon or Kim Catrall or Ana Sophia Robb. Also according to Wiki, the mall caters the high end market, which means the mall is not for us, I mean us, the poor! Ouch!

But seriously, I love SM Malls because they are able to maintain its cleanliness, specially their comfort rooms. Although I belong to the lower middle class group, (the ones who do not care about the bathroom at all once nature call them), I'm maarte when talking about banyo, kubeta, kasilyas or CR's as most Pinoys call it. I love comfort rooms smelling and looking and feeling clean. It does not have to have wall pieces hanging  inside, or artificial flowers and plants around, as long as it's squeaky clean I'm fine. And if I happen to see comfort rooms like that, I smile to give my silent appreciation to the people who maintains it, if I see them there on the spot doing their jobs. Next time, I'll probably bring a post-it with me and leave a note telling those people that someone appreciates them for keeping the banyo clean! 

So from Sarah Jessica Parker to comfort rooms! Have a happy work week everyone! :)


  1. I am so with you with the clean banyo hehe. It has to smell good-the whole time-even if someone did her mess there. (kaya lang, here in SM Baguio, I think they use treated water and there is this funny smell. every time.)

    1. :) I'd still prefer a funny smell than a really bad one, thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Hello Claire! Thank you for reading my recent post and leaving a comment! :)

    1. you're welcome. i love your blog! :)


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