Friday, May 24, 2013

Rambling Mind: TGIF!

Are all Pinoys overly sensitive? No, of course not. But some are. We They Can't help it. We are a bunch of emotional people (at least that's what I believe in). Going straight to my point, what's the Dan Brown Inferno chorva all about? Some did not like it when the controversial author of Da Vinci Code compared Manila to the "gates of hell". Well, I can understand that you would not really like it when someone used those words to refer to your home city. I am not from Manila but I am a proud Filipino that Manila is also a part of my being human. He may be exaggerating when he wrote about that six-hour traffic jam because I only experienced three or four, but he was right about the sex trade, the slum place with wailing babies, the pollution, and the horrible smell of human waste. And boy, it was from a fictional book, meaning the story is just based on his big imagination. And although fictional works can also be a mirror of what really happens in our society, let's just take this novel as a challenge to us Filipinos to change what is panget in this country. If we always get giddy when we hear about the nice things other countries say about us, let's just be not pikon when we hear the opposite things. And besides, there are other cities uglier, stinkier and have higher incidents of crime and sex trade than Manila. I chose some comment from an article in Yahoo that you might like:

O ayan, sana mawala na tampo nila! :)

Happy weekend to all!!


  1. I agree. We shouldnt be too sensitive. After all,its fiction. But sometimes, hearing about reality from other people's mouth is a slap in the face.
    Im sure,bestseller 'to! I for one,is intrigue and would like to buy it. That is, if carry ng budget. hehe
    Good day!

    1. Good day to you also, thanks for the comment! :)

  2. I read stories about this. Yes, it's sad to know that some Filipinos are too sensitive about this issue, but somehow, accept the fact that aside na it's just his opinions, and there are really some big bad issues dito satin.

    By the way, followed your blog via GFC. Please follow mine:


    1. followed you na Rosel, thanks for dropping by! :)


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