Monday, May 27, 2013

Manic Monday: LSS'ing Pink

Pink's Just Give Me A Reason has been playing in my head for days already. I sing it in the bathroom or anywhere sometimes, keeping my voice to myself as much as possible because I don't really know the lyrics and some notes are too high for my (feelingerang) alto voice. And because my blog is pink, just want to put it here as my Manic Monday post. 

Lately I realized I should do what other bloggers do to motivate myself to have some regular posts in my blog. I have been following a lot of great blogs and they were consistent with their Marvel Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays and all the likes... Since I'm gaya gaya sometimes (I think I should use the word inspired, rather), starting today I'm planning to do the same. Sorry if the title does not sound so original so I have to give credit to that Bangles song or anybody who originated Manic Monday.

Going back to Pink and her song, I liked it immediately the first time I heard it. It's catchy and the lyrics is discreet compared to her other songs (remember f-----g Perfect?). It's about someone trying to save or revive a almost broken relationship. I also like Pink because she's a great artist and I really love her voice. It's unique and she does not sound like any artist out there. She's been in the music industry for years, kabataan ko kaya nung nag uumpisa pa lang sya! At first I did not appreciate her because of how she looks, she's got pierced tongue and tattoo, she looked more like a rock star. But now I'm just glad that she's back with nice songs. 

That's about it, have a happy workweek! :)


  1. I love this song too. :) Lately, I find myself listening more to P!nk, both her old and new songs alike. Another one of her songs I really is "Family Portrait."

  2. korek! Pink is so talented talaga, all her songs are great! :) Thanks for the visit :)


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