Friday, May 31, 2013

Wrapping Up May

Tomorrow is the first day of the last part of the first half of the year! (gets nyo?) Whew! Did May just pass me by? Yes it did! Para lang yung nanonood ako ng tv, nag banyo lang ako saglit tapos tapos na ang palabas! Ekk! Seriously, time flies so fast, twice as fast as it used to be!

Just want to wrap this month up with some random thoughts. By the time this post have gone "published", I'm probably sleeping. Yes, this is a scheduled post. I intentionally want it posted at an hour before the first day of June 2013. So the random thoughts goes a little something like this....

At YM (yahoo messenger, very early 2000 yikes! I wonder if most people still do YM in this fb, skype and those new revolution in chatting era these days) I was able to chat with some old friends. I was glad that when I popped her a message she seemed happy that she actually chatted with me even if  she was at work. It was really nice and I was glad that she has not changed since I last saw her. I also got to make kamustahan with my cousin slash kababata slash friend and glad that she and the other kababata slash friend will be coming home this December from Dubai.  But before these two amazing girls made me happy that day, there was one who was not as nice as the two. An acquaintance from college ignored me when I popped her a kamusta with a smiley message in YM. And I never saw her online since then. Did she think uutangan ko sya? Mangangamusta lang naman ako ah! :(

Anyway, I am thankful beyond words for the almost half a year that has passed me by. There were no really drastic changes nor dramatic improvement in my life in the past months but God has been good to me. Maybe life's jokes are like Vice Ganda's. Most of it I don't find funny but hey, who would take life seriously?

Sorry, walang mailagay na pic, eto na lang! :)


  1. I still use YM :P and my account was created in 1997, I guess. :P Woah I'm old. :D

  2. No, you're not old. You just started out with YM early. I am the old one here because I get to have YM in 2000 :) Very backyard diba? thanks for visiting! will visit you later! :)

  3. I enjoyed this post! :) I agree. It's true nga po na may mga nangssnob talaga. I experienced it already. Nakakainis nuh? Mangangamusta lang naman.

    1. Tama! Thanks Ria for dropping by. I already followed you via Bloglovin :)

  4. I totally agree that time really flies fast. kalahati na agad ng 2013 imagine haha!


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