Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I have a really good day today. I was not expecting this because the day has been gloomy all morning. The typhoon has made it so, and people have been more worried about the flood and all. It's strange but I'm happy today. Not that I'm expecting a bad day but it's just that when the sun does not shine, it has this effect on me. But I'm glad I'm happy!

Maybe it's because I took an off at work yesterday. It was not a rest day because I was busy helping my husband with our "sideline" and I'm happy that it's doing good. The hard work did not go to waste.

I'm also happy because, after a long time, I finally started and almost finished reading the Hunger Games. Yes I know, I'm way past behind reading those good books. I loved the book and I'm going to finish reading the trilogy. I think that Peeta is hotter in the book than in the movie and I like him there when in the movie I liked Gale more. And Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss I can't imagine any other actress play that role.

And this morning, two things in my inbox made me smile from ear to ear. First, a comment from a blogger named Amelia Mandeville, she said she like my style of writing. Whoa! I'm not even a writer but Amelia, thanks I appreciate that comment and that is the biggest compliment I have ever received from this blog! That made me really really happy!

Second is I got a Liebster award from Adrianne of As My Hair Grows! Yey! Never really thought that someone appreciates my blog! Gotta go, I gonna work for this Liebster now! See you! :)

Sorry I was not able to come up with a title :)

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