Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Week That Was

Ay! It's October na pala! Yes, my blog is still alive and kicking. I can't believe my last post was September 26 pa! What happened? Now I'm pressured to make a post. Yes, I feel the need to have one new post now. How can I let last week pass me by without a post in my pink crappy blog? Oops, did I say crap? Yes I did. Because I think this post is, except for the nice pic below!

No, I can't have a writer's block because I AM NOT A WRITER. A wannabee, yes!

Anyway, just want to share this pic:

Photo by CA Zulueta-Beleno

If you want to read a straight forward, detailed and honest to goodness review about the story behind this picture, read HERE

But then, despite my long absence, I'm still glad that there's an ad in my blog, even if I don't earn anything from it, and I'm still among the top 1000 blog according to Topblogs. Naks!

Thank you for reading, if anyone bothers to read.


  1. I just wanna say you resemble Jinkee Pacquiao sis. Naks! ^_^

    1. :D really? Thanks! Maybe because we both have "taray" eyes.

    2. A bit yeah, and her face is a bit rounder than yours I think. But just the same you're both pretty. ^_^

  2. I had to scroll back up to the picture and yes,you do resemble Jinkee Pacquiao. :)
    I miss you sis! I do think even us non-writers have writer's block.:)

    1. Thank you sis :) I miss you too. We don't have much time to blog na.


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