Monday, November 4, 2013

The Highlight of October

The highlight of my life for this month is..... tadaaannn!  My bangs!

Thanks Mam Carmi for the pic

No, wait. It should be "bangs by accident"! Let me tell you the story....

Once upon a Sunday night, in a far far away mountains of Antipolo, there was a girl, who's not so girl anymore, and she was so insecure of her large forehead, where red spots appear often or once cold season begins or just anytime whichever was appropriate. "I'm so sick of my forehead, it's big an airplane could use this for an emergency landing!" she told herself facing the mirror. She was tired and she wanted to look beautiful even for just a little while. She was thinking a side-swept (take note, not the Dora bangs) could help improve the way she looks, and maybe lessen the appearance of her large forehead. She remembered she used to have bangs when she was fourteen and maintaining it all by herself so she picked up a pair of scissors and cut it. 

She could not remember the right way to cut bangs, after a few arguing with herself, digging old memories what she did to have the bangs, she just pulled a few locks of hair in front of her face and cut it. To her surprise, it was done the very wrong way! :(

It was evening, and the hair salon are probably closing at that time so she decided to just have her bangs fixed by a professional the following day, Monday. So she went to the hair salon nearest to her work place, and was hesitant that the hair dresser was a male. "Will you be the one going to cut my hair?" She asked the hairdresser and he answered with a confident "Yes!". The was no trace of anything gay in him so she was sure he was straight, that was why she was hesitant. Although she was not happy with the result, it was not bad either, and he was kind and his hands are light and he just listened patiently with what she was telling him while recounting the horrible story that ended up with an equally horrible looking bangs, so she still gave him a tip. 

Photo by Robi using Cammi

So that's the story of the bangs went wrong then went okay :) Hope you like it :)

Wow! Never thought I enjoyed telling my own story in third person. 


  1. Bangs do tend to make one younger, pero depende din sa nagdadala. ;) It looks good on you naman so no worries there. :)

  2. Claire, it looks nice on you, i agree it made you look younger parang kolehiyala lang ;)

  3. wow! yeah... It looks good on you naman sis.. kering keri nman ^_^

  4. Ang cute mo sis! Bagay sa yo.
    And the girl who was a girl anymore live happily ever after. Hehehe!

  5. Thank You Kitty, Jocris and Mommy K! What did I do to deserve super nice and kind blog friends like you? :) God bless you all! :)

  6. hi sis! the new do looks good on you! lakas makabata :) parang gusto ko na naman tuloy magpagupit lol (feeling lalake lang sa dalas magpagupit haha!). good day!

  7. It definitely did look ok. Hindi madami ang binabagayan ng banks and bagay sya sayo :D


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