Friday, November 8, 2013

The Saddest Break Up News Of The Year

This year, the following couples have already headed Splitsville:

Miranda Kerr - Orlando Bloom...
Tom Welling and wife ( I used to have a crush on him back in early Smallville days :)
Kris Kardashian (not familiar with her maiden name sorry) - Bruce Jenner
Miley Cyrus - Liam Hemsworth (most talked about probably)
Nina Dobrev - Ian Somerhalder (I know this makes a lot of girls happy)

some other celebrity couple out there...

in the local scene:

Cristine Reyes - Derek Ramsay....(did anybody care?)
Angel Locsin - Phil Younghusband...(I thought they were meant to be)
Paulo Avelino - the girl whose name I forgot (they have a kid, right?)

But the worst and the saddest break up that really affect me is none other than.....

Photo by me 

Yes, the rumor was true. This made me really upset because they were the most perfect tandem ever. They're like Guy and Pip, Scarlet and Rhett, Brad and Angelina, or Chico and Delamar.

After 40 loving years of partnership, McDonald's is breaking up with Heinz and the reason is the very common reason why lovers break up - THIRD PARTY,  whose name is Burger King, a rival. According to the news, Heinz will now be managed by some guy (oh he's not just some guy he's a CEO for crying out loud) who's a former CEO of Burger King. Makes sense?

Now, I'm sure those ketchup companies are making papogi to win McDonald's heart! I heard through the grapevine that Hunts is an eye candy but no confirmation to that yet. (Do you think Papa and Jufran stand a chance? Who knows!?:)!

Well, as to me and my love for the fries, I just hope that the next ketchup will be as good as Heinz if not better. Otherwise, I'd have the gravy as my dip and keep my fingers crossed that McCormick will have a lifetime partnership with McDo. Otherwise again, I'd be running to the nearest KFC and steal some gravy to have my fries have an awesome partner!

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  1. Hahaha funny intro! I'm sorry to say that I'm not affected by this particular break up because I love my fries landing my tastebuds barenaked.. nomnomnom!

    1. Sometimes I eat it barenaked too, :) with some extra salt :D

  2. Probably most affected by Legolas and Ms. Victoria's Secret. They're like a power couple... :(

    1. I know, they look so perfect together :) I'm sorry.

  3. Oh no! I love my fries and Heinz! Oh well, I'm crossing my fingers that it will be Del Monte.
    Dami kong tawa sa Jufran at Papa. :)

    1. Malay natin diba, pwedeng Papa or Jufran :) Thanks!

  4. I can't help myself not to laugh yet it's true; it's sad to know that mc donald's and heinz broke up because of burger king :(

    1. Yes, sad talaga if you love the ketchup so much. That's life! :) Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. aw! so sad :( mcdo fries will never be the same again without heinz ketchup, oh well! pwede na yan sa sundae :)


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