Thursday, April 28, 2016


I am not the adventurous type of person, in fact I have surrendered myself to accepting I'm a lampa and duwag to do anything beyond my borders. But lately ( a little too late, it is) I realized that I am not getting the most out of life if I keep on holding on to my being lampa and duwag. I need to crack this shell and step out my comfort zones.

Too much of the drama... I have been dreaming of a little adventure lately. If you can call this little, I have been thinking of going places far far away, but within the country, of beaches and falls, caves and rivers, or anything nature.

I love beaches though I can't swim. I can lie all day on a shore where the waves are massaging my feet. I did that when we were in Catanduanes last year. Sayang wala kong pic ng ganung eksena. My back on the sand, and water from my waist down for about an hour, that was around 9 or 10 in the morning. Konti lang ang tao sa beach nun, parang kami lang ng family ko, a few other tourists and the resort staff lang ata. There was this moment na ako na lang ang tao sa dalampasigan, at ang sarap ng feeling. I feel so close to God when I'm at a beach.

I have been dreaming of going to beaches again lately. Yung malayo sa Manila at hindi madumi, malayo sa sibilisasyon kahit walang signal and celphone. Yung tipong kelangan pang mag trekking bago marating kasi worth in naman kahit mapagod ka.

Kaka google ko, I just found out na 4 out of 32 seasons ng Survivor dito sa Philippines ang location-  Caramoan, CamSur and Palaui Island, Cagayan. Gusto ko na silang puntahan! Naging fan ako ng Survivor kaya sige try ko kung kaya ko mag ala survivor like Parvati Shallow (knows nyo ba sya, bet ko hindi! Hahahah!)

I wish I have plenty of money to visit all those beaches!


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