Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ice Cream Please!

When the going gets rough..............just one post before the week ends!

Life has been cruel lately. Superman was killed by a golem (!) in Batman vs Superman movie my husband and I watched a couple of weeks ago, and who knows what that did to me. I grieved for his death, lol, and nothing but a jolly spaghetti consoled me. I have not even done grieving yet over Jon Snow's death in Game of Thrones, and yet another one has come. I hate it, really, when they kill the heroes I love. Hashtag First World Problems!

I want chocolates. No. I need it to at least comfort my bleeding heart. But because the weather is sizzling-like-your-favorite-sisig-hot, I want ice cream instead. That one ice cream that takes you to another world when you put it inside your mouth. If Selecta has it, then I need it!

Selecta. Maybe most people don't have any idea how this ice cream was made before it melts in their mouths. The people behind Selecta ice cream. I could be one of them. Don't forget to thank the people who has put love in that ice cream. So I thank you, people behind Selecta, for the nice ice cream!


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