Monday, April 18, 2016

My Recurring Dreams

So far, I only told one person about these dreams I have been having since I was young. It was only lately I told my husband that maybe these dreams are somehow connected to what is happening in my life, or maybe about the kind of person that I am or have been. I even told him I want to consult somebody who knows how to interpret dreams, recalling the story of that Biblical person who interpreted the dreams of the pharaoh (sino na nga uli yun?).

So the dreams went like this...

I was as young as seven to nine years old when I started dreaming about myself falling off from a tree, a roof or anywhere from a high place. The dream repeated many times, though not the exact scene, but the same dream of my falling down, but each time I would hit the ground, I would land slowly like I had wings or like I was very light like a feather. The dream happened many times (can't count) until I reached high school.

When I was in college until in my early years of working and got married, I started dreaming of an airplane crashing down the rice fields near my home in Binangonan, Rizal. Our house is located in the area that used to be part of that rice field, and the number of houses grew during the nineties. So I started having that dream in my years majoring Accountancy, dunno if this is connected somehow lol, but in that dream, an airplane, Philippine Airlines to be exact, falling down the ricefield, with dark smoke coming out of its wings, but no dead people, no blood, just a plane crashing down the field head first. The dream repeated about around ten times. I can only estimate.

And lately, some six years that passed up to the present, the last dream was about two months ago, I started dreaming of myself taking a bath, hurrying because in the dream I would be late for work, and as much as I tried to finish the bath, there's this something that stops me. I ran out of soap, shampoo, I didn't have a towel, my undies got wet, I ran out of water, and all those things, so I ended up waking up unable to finish the bath. I think I already had that dream for the sixth time now and I feel like this has becoming weird already.

So I guess I should look for someone who can interpret my dreams and why are they recurring.

Have a great day you all! :D

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