Saturday, April 16, 2016

On Trying To Be Creative With Photo Album Titles

Who doesn't love pictures? Most of us do, and surely most of us have Facebook accounts with tons of pictures organized in an album. But wait, haven't you noticed that you and your friends have probably have albums with almost the same titles:

Selfie Pa More

Woke Up Like This

Walang Magawa

Mother's (Insert Number) Birthday

(Insert Place) Vacation

When In (Insert Place)

Sari Saring or Halo Halo Pics

and there's just more album titles I'm sure that sounded nothing but new to you.

There are times you feel like you want to be different and you want to catch your friends attentions (and generate the number of likes that will make you happy) you try to think of extraordinary titles that you feel like nobody thought of but you.

I cannot think of any unique and attention-catching title myself but I'm have a few things (or words) in mind. What can you say about these:

The Face That Launched A Thousand Zits. For an album of all my close-up photos. My FB account does not have a lot of selfies because I am not that confident with my face. I am not blessed with a perfect skin so the album title suits me best.

When The Bird Poop Landed On My Head. For that memorable summer vacation where you went to the zoo or a safari where a bird poop from the heavens above hit any part your body and you knew it was fresh because it was still hot.

Now That Mother Can Go To Free Movies Every Monday. Instead of using Mother's 60th Birthday, or Grandma's birthday try coming up with any of the privileges our senior citizens loved ones enjoy.

(Insert Name) Epidural, Sleepless Nights, and Breastfeeding Soon! Instead of having Ana's Baby Shower. Quite Long for a title but I'm sure no one among your friends have a photo album with the same title.

The Return of Shoulder Pads, High Waisted Pants, and Big Curls. For that high school reunion photos, if you don't want them to know right away which year you were in high school, try naming your album the most popular in fashion back in those days ( who knows you might impress them for a fashion trendsetter back in your younger years!)

The Night I Found Out Marcus Was Gay. I just used the name Marcus as example, and his being gay, but you can use that unforgettable moment in a party or a celebration as the title of the photos you took that time. Pwede ring Ms Goody-Two-Shoes got drunk! Lol!

Sorry, I'm running out of ideas, maybe you guys got some! :D Have a great day you all!

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