Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Eureka! My HG Loose Powder!

Tadaaann.............! (sorry, sounds stupid!) :)

So far, after many many (more than thirty) years of using J&J baby powder for the face, I have recently switched to Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder! Yes! I did! :) 

I have already consumed half the bottle and for the price of P 109 something (bought it at Robinson's Supermarket), a little pricey compared to other baby powder brands, it is so far the best baby powder I have ever tried.

As you can see on the photo above, and as the name itself, it is made, or out, or extracted, or whatever, with or from rice. Yes, rice,as in bigas! Yung kanin na hilaw ba! :) Hehehe! 

It kept the oiliness of my face at bay, I still have oily face, specially on the nose and forehead area, and it's very smooth on the skin. Crazy smooth as in try mo ilagay kamay mo sa lalagyan niyo ng bigas tapos kunyari halukayin mo yung bigas then alisin mo kamay mo then rub them together, ganun kadulas!!! :)

And what I love most about this product is that it does not have any parabens, or any chemical that has "ben" at the end of its name. Sorry, hindi yung Ben na kanta ni Michael Jackson ang tinutukoy ko ha. You know those ingredient that is said to be cancerous daw when consumed continuously and in the long run.

You guys must give this product a try! :)


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