Monday, June 20, 2016

Uncle Cheffy

Like I said somewhere in my previous posts, I cannot be a food blogger. I have to admit that I cannot be that someone whom you can trust when you want a trusted opinion when it comes to food and other food related stuff.  But trust me when I say it's bad :D haha!

Okay! The place is looking like this, in the photo below. It was around 11 in the morning and obviously we were the first customer. This is Eastwood Mall branch by the way. The lights inside were low, if this was the "ambiance" as they call it or something, I don't like it. I like well lighted places, especially when eating. The decorations on the wall are nice too. Those brown round things looks like small tree trunks creatively cut and varnished in various sizes and pieces. I hope those were not real. I am a pro-environment and we need as many trees so cutting them and placing them on the walls are not my fancy.

We came here for the unlimited chicken and calamares dish, but unfortunately, this branch do not have them on Saturdays and Sundays. My bad, I did not ask. I just assumed that all branches offer the "all day, everyday" chicken calamares stuff. We tried it at Bluewave Marikina and it was something I thought my husband should try, being the man who loves his chicken a lot, but oh we failed. Anyway, there's always a next time :D!

My disappointment with the chicken led to ordering Puttanesca instead. I don't remember if I have tried puttanesca before but I think I did. I just don't remember it and also maybe my brain RAM does not have a big storage allotted for memorizing all kinds of spaghetti or pasta dishes. Okay, I'm bad at memorizing food names! That's it!
The serving is good for two to three. It has to be good because it costs P 350 (my eyes are bawling out while I'm typing this) If puttanesca is supposed to be a little sour, so be it. But in a good way. I like the sourness of this one. You don't see it in the picture but there's plenty of olives there. You can google where the heck did the word puttanesca came from. I'm sure you were curious too!

Okay again! Along with puttanesca (ohh I'm loving this word, hahaha) we paired it with....tadaan, below....panizza in the name of Larry's Craving! The owner of the name ordered a food after him (or his katukayo whoever that Larry is)

A junior size of Larry's Cravings has seven slices. I can eat this serving for myself if I had not eaten one third of puttanesca so I only had three slices, lol! I'm not sure if I ate it the right way but I put the veggies on top of a slice and rolled it, then ate it like it was some kind of a bread, lels!! And the crust was a little brittle and thinner than you usual thin crust pizzas, it easily breaks. Haha!

 I read some reviews how people who tried Uncle Cheffy's panizza love it a lot. But to me it was just okay. To be honest, I'd rather prefer Shakey's thin crust pizza. No offense meant. but yes I do! Maybe we just ordered the wrong combination, but if I'm asked if we're going back to eat at Uncle Cheffy's again, maybe......I don't know. At the moment I don't have any plans to eat there again, maybe not this year.

There you go! Again, this is not a food review. Just sharing my experience with Uncle Cheffy!

Have a good day!

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