Friday, July 22, 2016


I have been meaning to write a birthday post since I started blogging but I cannot come up with a perfect title, or any post that could sum up what my life has been. It's been weeks since my birthday, and my last post was a century ago, and all I had was this vague draft of that post in my head. Oh no! I cannot have a writer's block because I'm not a writer to begin with. My blog is dying!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!

Char lang! I should probably start with that I feel and put it in words. Okay...I can do this...

So...I'm not young anymore. But  I honestly don't feel my age. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty two, move over Taylor Swift! Haha! I'm nonsense. Sorry I need to post something to keep this blog rolling because I promised myself I will keep this blog updated no matter what!

So..well....I'm not a writer who's having a writer's block....

What do I do these days? Besides work, and some house and personal stuff, and the normal mundane things that makes us imperfectly humans, I read ebooks and play Clash of Clans during my spare time. I watch movies also with my husband (this is our bonding, besides going out in the mall or eat if we have spare money which does not happen very often lol) , copied from my very reliable supplier of downloaded (legally or illegally) files from internet. Thank you my awesome suppliers. You make my boring days a little less boring!

There are some very personal things I cannot share in this blog. Yes this is a personal random blog, but I'm not yet crazy to write some very personal stuff here. Not yet! Haha!

Okay then, I guess this post is enough. I'm happy that despite the emotional roller coaster that I had before each birthday, I managed to overcome them. I survived! Woo hooh!

But then again, I have always been thankful to God. For the life, for the good people around. For the family. For all the blessings that the Lord has keep on giving me. I am just as grateful.

That's it for now.

xoxo - Claire

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