Monday, October 17, 2016

Memories Of Baguio City

It was only lately I realized what I have been missing a lot by not going on trips outside my home town. Back then I have never dreamed to travel even if it becomes something I can afford, or best if its free. I'm a homebody. Happiness to me is peace and quiet, food and books at the comfort of my home during holidays and no work days with my loved ones. But, as they say, things change. February of 2016, I got the chance to have a weekend trip to Baguio with my friends at work. It was a cheap DIY weekend trip, for two nights and three days, spent less than two thousand pesos on room and transportation, of eight non-blood related people but treat each other like family, it was definitely a very memorable first for me.

The view from our rented house.

It's been months, and a little too late to blog it in Ber months, but like I always tell you, "better late than later". We left around 10 pm on a Thursday and reached Baguio around three am. It was colder than I imagined. I thought I needed three layers of clothes to avoid my knees from shaking.

The beautiful trees at the Ketchup Food Community
Our first stop was the Ketchup Food Community for breakfast. Inside this compound are number of affordable restaurants where you can choose according to your budget and taste.  We ate here at Rancho where they served mostly Filipino dish. The food was affordable and good. The place was clean (except for a few flies that's just probably normal for a non air-conditioned place) but it took a little long while to get our orders served.

After breakfast we went to the Baguio Botanical Garden. Most tourist never leave the place without a picture at this spot with these elderly people. Don't worry, you can afford their talent fees ;)

The flowers were starting to bloom at that time (a couple of weeks before the Panagbenga Festival). The sun was trying its best to peak every now and then but  mostly it was just the clouds that dominated the sky. In short the weather was just perfect. I had to wear my sweater because it felt cold when the sun was hiding even if it was noon time.

The locals were all friendly and smiley people. Several times we had to ask for directions and never we were given cold shoulders and snobbish replies. The city is cold and busy, but definitely not the people who visits their home. You would definitely feel very welcome.

Probably one of the reasons why I would come back to Baguio again is this strawberry taho. I loved taho as a child, but  as I grew older, I rarely eat this anymore. My first time to ever tried it in strawberry flavor and I loved it. I hope we have it in Manila, but no. Strawberry is kind of costly there. There's taho vendor everywhere in Baguio so it's not hard to miss it during our visit.

I had a really great time in Baguio and I wish I could go back again this time with my husband. My most favorite place in the whole city was probably Camp John Hay. You might want to guess why. Yes, because of the lovely trees! :)

We had an awesome time there, the surroundings was perfect for picture taking. The place was so peaceful, cool air and birds singing it made me want to just lie on the grass and look up at the clear bright sky.

We also visited Mines View Park and bought goodies at Good Shepherd Convent where the the view is as breath-taking as well. So, that's about it. This post has been sitting in my draft for months already. I just love to go back to Baguio and next time it will be together with my family this time. 

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