Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blog It 52 - 2 My 2017 Reading List

In my early years in college, I developed love for reading fiction in English. It was in high school when I started to read Tagalog romance novels we used to rent for five pesos during weekends. By accident I had read one Nancy Drew The Ghost in the Blackwood Hall (hep, I did not google, this is just based on my memory, is this right?)  book, and that's where it all began.

Back then, I had no one to borrow books from. I did not have any friends who read a lot and owned many books so I had to content myself with borrowing books from the library and read them if there were long weekends. During those times when internet was not yet popular, I had limited choices of books to read.  I told myself when I graduate and found a job, I would buy myself books and read everything I ever wanted.

But that did not happen. Books were expensive, my salary was small, and I only contented myself with what I could afford,  so was my love for reading had started to die ( or rather ignored it). But now I'm glad there's internet - thank God for this wonder! I don't need to list down what it can do to a book lover, do I? :) And jeez, ebooks are fantastic! I can read while waiting for my turn at the supermarket counters!

Anyway, I cannot make a list of what to read for 2017 but I do have plans of reading more than I did in the past years. I have my phone, an ebook reader app and some few ebooks that are still waiting to be opened. I still have some paperbacks at home collecting dusts and just waiting for me to touch them! All I needed to do is to just find some time, lol!

My goals is to read three books in a month. Yes, only three because I'm a slow reader and still learning how to read fast. My job, some personal stuff, and social life (like I have one!) and the need for more sleep steal some of my reading time. I will try to make a list of those I have finished reading, and published it here, If the stars will align in my favor, I would even make a review, lol!

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  1. It's hard to find time to read. I keep a long list of all the new books that I want to read and I panic sometimes that I'll never read them all. GoodReads app and website is really good for keeping your "To read" and "Read" lists.


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