Monday, July 3, 2017

Hello My Birth Month!

Where did the past six months go? I bloody can't believe it! Maybe it's because nothing monumental has happened in my life in the last six months. But then I'm glad that things were better compared to 2016. I'm happier! :)

I feel the need to blog about my first half of 2017 though nothing life altering experience had happened. So what do I blog now? I don't know :D Maybe I just need to write something as an introduction to my birth month July, which I'm hoping to have a free time for a few posts :)

I have celebrated two milestones this June. Two ten years. First, is our tenth wedding anniversary. My gosh, we've been annoying each other for ten years! Hahahaha! 

Second, ten years as an employee to this company. See, I'm a very loyal person. It's about time that my loyalty gets some reward (wink :)

Another milestone (yes I can consider this a milestone) happened to me this June is my enrollment for an MBA in a nearby university. I have been thinking about getting an MBA degree since late last year, and now I'm officially a student. Yey!

Why did I do that? Of course, the obvious reason for most is for career advancement. But that is not my number one reason. It's not that I stopped dreaming of stepping up the corporate ladder. I still do. But that's not the main focus. Really. I went back to school to challenge myself. To step out of my comfort zone, something that I have not seriously done in the past years. School was never my comfort zone.

It's just that one morning I woke up and realized that comfort zone was scary. I was scared. I realized I was stuck and not moving anywhere. Things have changed and I realized that part of me was still the same person I was ten years ago. Shy, no self-confidence and unsure of what and who I wanted to be. Charot ng drama! It's about time I should take some challenges! And please do pray for me to finish my MBA. Please please please! :)

I know that education is no guarantee to success but one thing for sure is that it will open up so many possibilities and opportunities to me. It will expand my horizon and here is only a beginning of a better life not only to myself, but to anyone I could reach out with my knowledge and experience gained from outside of the circles I have been in for many years. Oh ha, see?! :)

Well, I think I'll be doing just fine (I have to have faith in myself).

Well, that's about it. Ooops wait, before the month ended, we finally went to Lamesa Eco Park. Not a shala place but I've been planning to check it out for a long time and it finally happend. I love parks and I was very happy albeit the hot weather.

This was my best pic, thanks to my husband who's finally learning how to take me nice photos (at least to me they're nice)

Okay? So hello my birth month July! I hope everything will turn out okayer than I wanted it to be! :D


  1. Hi Claire! Advance happy birthday!!! I hope you will have a great one.

    We are somehow in the same boat. I have this feeling that I have been stuck in one place, no progress or signs of opportunities. As for 10 years of employment, I'm a little ahead but yes I know the feeling of earning that loyalty. I hope you get rewarded.

    Good luck on your further studies. I earned my MBA years ago. It gave me my legit ticket to teaching. I'm not sure if you have plans of teaching but this new venture will open opportunities for you. Aside from learning, the possibility of meeting new people. Promise, you will not regret it. :)

    Happy anniversary din pala sa inyo ng husband mo :) Have a great week ahead!

    1. Wow! Thank you lalo tuloy ako na motivate to finish MBA...Yes, teaching is one of the many options when I want to leave corporate world, but maybe not in the near future. Thank you for dropping by my blog!


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