Saturday, June 17, 2017

Today, Ten Years Ago, We Got Hitched

Opo, today is our tenth wedding anniversary! Bilis talaga ng panahon! I don't really know how to sum up those ten years in a short and sweet blog post, but I will try anyway... :)

Kagabi bago matulog binati ko sya thru fist bump: "Oy 14 na bukas, akalain  mo yun! Hahaha!"

This morning he hugged and greeted me "Happy Anniversary" while I responded him with "Ten years, akalain mo yun"

Ten years down. Lifetime to go, sabi nga. Ang masasabi ko lang talaga "walang forever". Wala naman talaga. You just have to stick together through whatever. Dapat siguro i phase out na yung  mga fairy tale stories na yan, mali ang tinuturo nyan sa mga bata! Hahaha!

Kidding aside, the first years was easy and very happy. It was that romantic feeling that made you believe that love was really powerful.

But the past few years was the rough road. The pressure to keep up with the expectation of the people around us was the worst. And it was only later that we realized it was wrong to live with the expectations of these people. It did not help nurture our relationship and I guess it never would to any married and not married couples out there.

Our marriage was very far from perfect. We have been through our lowest lows and highest highs, and I've said and done horrible things to our relationship but I'm very happy we made it here. Going strong, I really hope so, but as of this writing everything about us is fine. The butterflies are gone and most of the time we're just like best friends living under the same house but we're doing just fine.

We may not be blessed with a baby, but don't worry about us. We're fine! :)

I won't offer any relationship or marriage advice to anyone because all relationships are unique. But as of the moment, my husband and I are still together, fighting and working for that "forever" na sinasabi nila. Wala naman kasi talagang forever, lifetime pwede. Pero sa panahon ngayon ang relationship madaling mabali parang peanut brittle na galing sa Baguio.  

I wrote this post on 6/14/2017


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