Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thank You's

Twenty Thirteen is a few days shy but before it finally bids goodbye, let me thank the following who remembered me on this year’s Christmas:

Commodity Quest, Inc.
Rojemson Industrial Sales
Promesso Service Solutions
Transmillennium Mercantile Inc.
Bask Distributors Inc.
Rose Uy of Consolidated Dairy
Ms Beth Lim of MYF General Merchandise
De Sun Trading, Inc.
Promesso Solutions Inc.
People Power Cooperative and WorthPro Staffing Inc.
Dynamics Development Trade and Gen Services, Inc.
Tetra Pack

Advance Food Concepts Mfg., Inc
Carmi Beleno
Michelle Chan
Dimple Juanson
Ofel Galang
Albert Garcia
Sheryll Noche
Cel Adona
Joan Macay
Katrina Castillo
Jen Reyes
Sir Arnie

To my family and friends who sent their greetings and wishes, thank you all so much! God bless you all and Happy 2013!

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