Friday, January 25, 2013

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines

I'm just glad to share that one of the lucky chosen ones to have a home makeover courtesy of the Philippine franchise of this show is my boss (but during the filming of the show she was not my boss yet). Just want to share with you some of the pictures I took (sorry about the quality, just blame my phone) during the filming of the episode and a little kwento (story) about the family.

The host Paolo Bediones, (I used to have a crush on him during my college days), in front of the family's house to announce that they were chosen for a free home makeover.  We were there because the family's relatives and friends were asked to witness the revelation of the chosen families. Good thing our office is just a few minutes away from their home. The cute girl beside Paolo is my boss' daughter.  My boss' name is Carmita Aurora, but we call her Carmi at work.  The moment she heard that there will be a Philippine version of this show, she immediately sent a letter. FYI, she is a very good writer and painter, apart from being an accountant.  So her letter was chosen, they were screened, there were a lot of interviews, and the next thing I knew were were not just watching the show but actually being there and were part of it, the extras!

<<<<<While waiting, we took pictures beside the bus. This was noontime, and my astig (I have astigmatism) eyes could not stand the glare of sunlight, thus my awkward pose. By the way, I was one of the people who were interviewed by the crew of the show. It's for the screening if the family really deserved the makeover. The interview was filmed, but was not part of the edited version, the one aired on tv. But still that was an amazing experience for me.  Not everyone gets that chance, right?

<<<<<With Miss Tess Prieto-Valdez, the show interior decorator was all smiles and more than happy for a photo op. She's a nice woman, what you see on her in television is what she 's like behind the camera.  She mingled with everybody during that day, and I became her fan right that moment. 
Carmi and her mother (the woman in red striped shirt beside Tessa) are both breast cancer survivors. Such a terrible thing for a woman to go through and see it happen once again to her daughter is something I can't bear to think happening to myself.  But they've put up a really good fight with the terrible disease,  and won it!

<<<<<Paolo again surveying the area around the house to be make-overed. hope you get what i mean with that word. :)

In 2009, this home was hit by typhoon Ondoy, just a few months after Carmi had her breast removed.  Cancer has been a very familiar word to me for a long time, but it was only until then that I realized how  it can affect a woman's life and the people around her. I feared for my life.  I could have it (any woman could) and not know about it until it's in worse stage.

Carmi's family did not only get a new home, but also an all-expense paid vacation to Boracay, now how was that?
The much needed break from all the fuss that life has put on their shoulders has happened. While the dream home was in progress, they were in the clear waters of Bora having the time of their lives.

Thank you, Ma'am Carmi, for the Boracay shirt you bought for a pasalubong, I love it!

<<<<During the reveal of their new home.
What happened during the interview:
I represented the people she works with together with Ate Irma. That time I was the only one available at Finance because the rest are at a badminton tournament. I was more than willing to do the interview, though I was very nervous at that time. I knew I was not going to have a rough time answering any question about Ma'am Carmi because we've been working together in the same department for five years (now six).  The thought that I'd be in front of the people from a big television network made me feel so uneasy. My inferiority complex I guess.

Anyhoo, going back to the interview: When it's our turn, Ate Irma and I sat side by side, inside the family's house, the family was outside because they were not suppose to hear everything we had to say. On my right is a laptop computer on the dining table where I can see myself while the cameraman with his camera aiming at us is in the front together with the lightsmen, with I think three or four big hot yellow lights around. The funny part was I thought we were going to have our hair and make up done, but I was wrong, so assuming and feeling like a celebrity, lo and behold, our faces in its glorious plainness!! :)

So, again, back to the interview, we were asked about Carmi, how was she as a co-worker. I said to the interviewer that she's the what-you-see-is-what-you-get-kind-of-person. That she's a beautiful woman inside and out, and she's a good mother because she raised her daughter to be a good girl. That I never saw her made sungit at anyone, kind and friendly to everyone, and if ever she's stressed at work or anything, you'd never guess. That I know for sure that everyone at work feels the same way about her and see her the same way. I messed up at the interview because I was so nervous. I had so many good things to say about Carmi but I was not able to. My palms were cold and sweating profusely and I was very uncomfortable with those hot bright big lights around. When were asked if the family deserved the makeover, I answered with a  definite: "Yes, and if there's some blessings that cannot be measured by money, that's what she and her family deserved more" Just when I thought I was about to relax and could handle it well, the interviewer thanked us and said it was over.

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