Friday, January 18, 2013

I Was Once An Online Contest Addict

I still remember the very first contest I joined through the internet - it's Females Network's If The Shoe Fits contest. It was a question you just have to answer, and the one with the best answer wins a gift certificate of the beautiful shoes, I forgot the brand and the question sorry! Anyhow, that was the very first contest and I did not win. Since then, I got addicted to joining such contest specially for the first time I won, see my prize below:

Summit Media's Vince's Life series, a trilogy written by Vince O. Teves that tells the story of a college guy's love and life from college until finally finding his true love when he joined the workforce. It's nice to read a love story written by a man. I still have these books until now, anybody wants it? I can give it to you for free :)

The Body Shop's Moisture White Shiso line. There are only five products in the picture but the prize actually included at least ten different products. I already gave away some before I remembered to take a picture. This was around 2008, the year I started joining.  Again, courtesy of Female Network (I just love that website).

Miley Cyrus Gypsy Heart Tour concert tickets. Husband and I really enjoyed the show though we are far away from the stage. It's just a Bronze ticket costs about P 1,500 each, but still, Miley doesn't get to visit the Philippines that often and she's really a good performer (which I thought she wasn't).

Passes for two at Bench's Fashion Show featuring Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars. Sorry for the bad pictures, but it was great to see her.  She seemed nice, and she's a pretty girl, not your typical brunette beauty, but a real stunner.

Olay Total Effects gift pack: 2 bottles of OTE, a notepad, and a bag. There was suppose to be a 2k worth GC, but after emailing the contest organizers for one thousand times, I gave up. They can keep it for themselves, it's only a gift certificate I don't want myself stressed over it. This is from Olay's facebook fan page contest where you tell them your quarter-life crisis dilemmas. My entry was chosen and this was the prize.

An IPod Touch from Palmolive Hair Chats. I was one of the ten finalist, and we got the chance to meet KC Concepcion, but I did not make it to the meet and greet because it was a workday I could not skip work. I still regret not coming there because it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Figaro Planner and Gift Certificate from their FB fan page. I think I like Figaro more than Starbucks :)

Nivea gift pack from their FB fan page. This is not the only prize I got from Nivea but my third actually.

Avon Skin So Soft Lotion, not from Facebook fan page though, but from another freebie alert from the Girltalk Forum.

Estee Lauder Lipstick

Apart from those prizes above, I still have some more, I just did not take pictures of them and some I already forgot, here's the list:

Bench Gift Certificates
Athena Milk
Palmolive Gift Packs (from RX 93.1)
Enervon gift pack and Mercury Drug gift certificates
Watsons products
Ponds Gift Pack - di ko na na claim kasi I have to pick it up from Bonifacio High Street pa (from a blogger giveaway)

Ang bongga diba! So there! It only means that not all addictions are bad, so instead of spending your time browsing all your FB friends' rants, 24/7 humblebragging, and unlimited same and the same forever and ever photo uploading, why not join contest and see where your luck might take you! :)

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